Discover 16 Types of Box Materials for Making Gift Boxes

Different materials made for gift boxes offer different textures, features, and finishes. Carefully selected materials can enhance the overall aesthetic and make the gift box more visually appealing.

The Importance of the Packaging Box Material

Let’s walk into the world of gift box materials, understand the importance of materials for making gift boxes, know the options, characteristics and examples of materials for making gift boxes, and we hope to help you find the materials that best meet your needs.

Aesthetic Appeal

Different materials offer various textures, colors, and finishes. A well-chosen material can enhance the overall aesthetics and make the gift box visually appealing.

Perceived Value

Packaging box material can create an impression of luxury or quality, influencing the perceived value of the gift.

Protection and Durability

Selecting the appropriate material can ensure the safety and preservation of the gift during transit or handling. A durable and sturdy gift box also gives the impression of a well-crafted customer.

Branding and Marketing

Material choices that align with the brand or the theme of the occasion can enhance brand recognition.

Environmental Impact

The eco-friendly and sustainable materials showcase thoughtfulness towards social responsibilities


The choice of packaging material will affect the overall packaging cost. Choosing the right material will not only protect the product but also make your product more competitive.

16 Type Packaging Material Used for Gift Box

6 Type Paperboard Packaging Material

C1S/C2S Art Paper

Both CIS-coated paper and C2S-coated paper offer excellent printing capabilities.

Black Paper

The black paper provides a luxurious look to the gift box, making it suitable for high-end or special occasions

Textured Paper

With its unique surface texture and appearance, the textured paper material elevates the overall of the gift box.

Kraft Paper

It is the material for making gift boxes that are environmentally friendly, strong, and durable at a cost-effective.

Leatherrette Paper

It can mimic the appearance of genuine leather, providing a sophisticated look to the gift box.

Metallic Paper

It has a shiny and reflective surface that creates an eye-catching and visually striking appearance. It imparts a sense of luxury and elegance to the gift box.

4 Type Corrugated Fiberboard Material

Single Face Corrugated

single-face corrugated consists of one piece of fluting and a piece of liner paper

Single Wall Corrugated

The single-wall corrugated has three layers, including two pieces of the liner, and a piece of fluting in the center

Four-Layers Corrugated

The four layers of the corrugated board include two pieces of liner and two pieces of fluting.

Double Wall Corrugated Board

The double wall corrugated consists of two pieces of fluting board and three-piece of the liner

Rigid Board Box Material

Gray chipboard

It is the core material for making rigid gift boxes.

Wooden Box Material


Because of its natural beauty and durability, wooden materials continue to be popularly used in gift box manufacturing.

Tin Box Material


Tinplate is commonly used in the manufacture of various products, particularly for packaging box.

3 Types Plastic Box Material

PP Box Material

Polypropylene (PP) plastic is popular for applications in gift packaging It offers high tensile strength and durability and is 100% food safe.

PS Box Material

Polystyrene (PS) plastic is a thermoplastic material that offers high-impact strength and rigidity to the product. It is Popular as internal mold for jewelry box

HDPE Box Material

High-density polyethylene (HDPE) is popular for making molds for gift boxes.

Choose the Right Box Material Types

By carefully choosing the right materials and paying attention to the finer details, you can enhance the overall product packaging and make it more memorable.

Customized Mettalic Cardbaord Box

The gift box is a well-balanced and thoughtfully designed packaging solution. By combining three different types of box material – metallic paper, c2s art paper, and gray chipboard – It managed to achieve characteristics of overall quality and appeal of the gift box.

Personalized Textured Gift Packaging Box

The combination of black special embossed paper and gold stamping logo indeed creates a striking and sophisticated appearance for the carton. The use of black embossed paper adds a touch of elegance and uniqueness to the packaging.

Matte Corrugated Box

The corrugated boxes are made of C1S coated paper and single-faced corrugated paper, C1S coated paper has excellent printing ability, and various finishes can be added to the corrugated box so that a cost-effective and visually appealing corrugated post box can be made.

Custom Wooden Box

Wooden gift boxes are often considered elegant and beautiful. They are durable enough to protect delicate or expensive gifts during transport or storage.
Wooden gift boxes are widely used in exquisite jewelry boxes, various red wine and spirits packaging,

Plastic PP Packaging Box

Plastic gift boxes indeed play a significant role in our daily lives, particularly in the packaging of various products, including food and toys. Polypropylene (PP) is a type of plastic commonly used for food-grade packaging due to its specific properties and safety considerations.

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