Customized Luxury Packaging Bag for Your Products

Create high-quality, bespoke packaging solutions tailored to the unique needs and branding requirements of their clients.

Branded Luxury Paper Bags Wholesale

Better Package specializes in high-quality tailored paper bags to ensure that the luxury paper bags are produced in desired material, shape, style, and color.

Each bag is a masterpiece, customizable with your brand logo, color scheme, and unique designs. Our expert team works closely with you to bring your vision to life, ensuring that every aspect of your custom luxury paper bags reflects your brand’s identity and values.

Custom Luxury Shopping Bags Collection

A curated selection of high-end gluxury branded gift bags that are designed to be personalized and tailored to the specific needs and preferences of the client. These collections typically offer a range of luxurious materials, intricate designs, and customizable features to create a unique and memorable brand image.

Customizing Paper Types to Accommodate Diverse Needs and Preferences

The choice of paper type plays a crucial role in reflecting a brand’s identity, meeting product requirements, and resonating with consumer preferences.

Whether it’s showcasing an eco-friendly ethos, exuding luxury, or embracing sustainability, the right paper choice can make a lasting impression on customers and set a brand apart in a competitive market.

coated paper
C2S Coated Paper
Texture Paper
C1S Coated Paper
Black Paper
Black Paper
Spot UV Logo
Textured Paper
Embossing& UV
hot stamping LOGO

Luxury Paper Bags Printing Solutions

The printing options provide flexibility and can be applied to a variety of custom paper bags, giving luxury paper bags a heightened, aesthetically pleasing and unique look.

Versatile and Premium Handle Options for Luxury Shopping Bag

With our wide variety of handle material options, you have the freedom to tailor every aspect of your luxury gift bags. Whether you’re presenting a corporate gift, celebrating a special occasion, or curating a premium retail experience, our diverse handle choices allow you to create a packaging masterpiece that complements the essence of your gift.c

velvet handle
Foil Logo Grosrgrain Ribbon
Pu Handle
Cotton Handle

Small MOQ Wholesale Luxury Gift Bags

No matter the quantity you require, our small batch customization services provide the utmost convenience and affordability. Customize paper bags with logos without worrying about a hefty budget

Customized Tissue Paper for Paper Bag Branding

Tissue paper serves a functional purpose by providing a layer of protection for the contents of the bag. It can help prevent scratching, rubbing, or damage to delicate or valuable items. Additionally, tissue paper can be used to wrap the items inside the bag, creating an added element of surprise and luxury for the recipient.

Free Shipping to the United States

We are delighted to extend our commitment to customer satisfaction by offering free shipping to all our valued customers in the United States. We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to enjoy savings, regardless of the size or value of their order.

How to Custom Luxury Paper Shopping Bag


Understand the detailed requirements of luxury paper shopping bag, such as size, shape, style, printing  and quantity to get the initial price.

Select Paper Material

Choose a high-quality paper material for your luxury bag from a wide range of materials, including kraft paper, art paper, specialty papers, black paper,paper with unique textures and finishes, recycled or FSC-certified paper.

Print and Finishing

The chosen printing technique must complement the paper bag design and desired effect. After printing, the bags can undergo additional finishing processes, such as laminating, varnishing, or adding special coatings to enhance their durability and visual appeal.


Decide on the type of handles and closures for your luxury paper bag. Handles can be made from materials like ribbon, cord, or twisted paper, while handle structures can include options like knotted, edda structure, and tonela structure.

Prototype Sampling

The sample is to test and evaluate luxury paper bag design, functionality, and other aspects before mass production.The sample allows you to visually assess the aesthetics and overall design of the paper bags.


 Effective communication between the client and the manufacturer throughout the process is essential to ensure the final product meets the desired specifications.

Timely Delivery

Timely delivery is crucial to ensure customer satisfaction. Collaboration and effective communication between the manufacturer is essential to establish realistic delivery timelines and ensure punctual delivery.

E-catalog of Better Package Company 2023

Here we share the latest electronic catalog for 2023, showcasing our diverse custom packaging products. Whether you need paper bags, cartons, or tissue paper, we have you covered.

If any of the products in our catalog have caught your interest, we would be more than happy to send you actual samples. This way, you can touch, feel, and assess the superior quality and craftsmanship of our packaging solutions.

Frequently Asked Questions


If you want a fully customized luxury gift bag that matches your specific requirements, the minimum order quantity would be 500 pieces.

On the other hand, if you only need your logo added to an existing luxury gift bag without any other customization, the minimum order quantity could be as low as 100 pieces.


With full customization, you have the freedom to create a design that aligns with your preferences, brand, or event theme. This includes choosing the bag’s shape, size, color, and material. You can also incorporate logos, artwork, patterns, or specific graphics to reflect your personal or brand identity.

When it comes to customizing luxury paper bags, there are indeed various materials commonly used, depending on customer preferences and packaging budgets. Here are some of the most widely used materials

  1. White cardboard
  2. Coated paper
  3. Specialty paper
  4.  Black paper
  5.  Kraft paper

These materials offer a range of options for creating customized luxury paper bags, allowing brands to tailor the packaging to their specific aesthetic and branding requirements.


Our manufacturing facilities are situated in China, and we employ a diverse range of logistics methods to ensure efficient delivery. Typically, we utilize a combination of sea shipping and express delivery.

The process involves initially shipping the goods to California via sea freight. Subsequently, we engage UPS or FedEx to handle the final leg of delivery, ensuring that the products reach the customer’s specified address.

Here are the estimated shipping times for different regions:

  • Shipping time to the US West is approximately 15-18 days.
  • Shipping time to Central United States  is estimated to be 18-22 days.
  • Shipping time to the Eastern United States, the shipping time is expected to range between 22-25 days.

Please note that these are approximate durations, and we continuously strive to optimize our logistics processes to enhance overall delivery speed and efficiency.


Prototype sampling is a valuable process. It takes about 5-7 days

The production time of custom luxury paper bags varies depending on the material of the paper bag, the quantity and the complexity of the production process.
Provide an approximate production time: 10-30 days
Contact us and provide specific details about your paper bags, such as quantity, design specifications and any other custom requirements, we will be able to provide you with a more accurate production time

There are many types of handles for custom paper bags, the following are common types of handles:

  1. twisted polyester cord
  2. twisted paper cord
  3. satin ribbon handle
  4. grosgrain ribbon
  5. plain cotton tape
  6. cotton twill tape
  7. macrame paper cord
  8. macrame cotton cord

We help you select the most appropriate handle style for your desired application.

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