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Black Candle Boxes

  • Size: customize any size and shape
  • Color: CMYK,PMS
  • Material:  rigid cardboard

Custom Black Gift Box for Candles

Black candle boxes feature an elegant design that will give even more value to the beauty of your candle. The handmade boxes are made of grayboard and come in dyed paper with the premium logo. Sophisticated design and printing give these candle holders timeless elegance, enhancing the aesthetics of the packaging.

Wide Selection of Candle Box Styles

  1. Lid and Base box for candle
  2. Shoulder gift box for candle
  3. Magnetic box for candle
  4. Hinged lid box for candle

Three Fancy Paper Types for Black Gift Box

  1. Texture/Embossed  black Paper
  2. Black dyed paper
  3. Soft-touch coating black paper

Better package customized packaging boxes for all types of candles, from individual candle packs to scented candle sets.


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