Custom Printed Tissue Paper: A Guide to Personalize Tissue Paper

Tissue paper is a very useful packaging material that has been used for packing delicate items and protecting them during transit. Tissue paper can also be a great way to add a touch of personality to your packaging.

Personalize tissue paper is to print the color, pattern, logo, and text on the tissue paper. By printing a company logo or tagline on tissue paper, businesses can create a consistent and recognizable brand image.

With custom-printed tissue paper, you can add your brand logo, a special message, or even just a playful design to your packages.

In this guide, we’ll explore the world of printed tissue paper and give you some tips on how to personalize the amazing and cost-effective tissue paper.

Why Use Custom Printed Tissue Paper?

Printed tissue paper is tissue paper that has been printed with images, text, patterns, or logos. It is commonly used as a packaging material for products such as gifts, clothing, cosmetics, and food items.

Printing color on tissue paper serves several purposes:

Decoration: Printed tissue paper can be used to add a decorative touch to gift packaging or to dress up an item for sale.The tissue paepr with logo make a package look more attractive.

Increased perceived value: The use of custom-branded tissue paper can give the impression of a higher-end, more professional product. This can increase the perceived value of the items being packaged and enhance the overall customer experience

Branding: Printed tissue paper is an excellent way to promote a brand or business. By printing a company logo or pattern on tissue paper, businesses can create a consistent and recognizable brand image.

Functionality: Printed tissue paper can also serve a functional purpose, such as moisture and dust protection

Customer Experience: Printed tissue paper can help enhance the overall customer experience. By printing the pattern on the tissue paper,businesses can show their customers that they care about the details of the product packaging.

Printing color on tissue paper provides several benefits, including decoration, value,functionality, and enhancing the customer experience.

The Printing Capability of the Tissue Paper

Tissue paper is a type of lightweight,thin paper that is commonly made from recycled materials. It is known for its soft texture and translucent quality, making it ideal for use in delicate or decorative applications.

Printing on tissue paper can be challenging due to its delicate and absorbent. However, it is possible to print on tissue paper using specialized printers and ink that are designed for this purpose.

PMS Color Printed Tissue Paper

PMS stands for Pantone Matching System, which is a standardized color matching system used in the printing industry. This helps to ensure that the final printed product looks exactly as intended.

The PMS system is widely used in the printing industry, particularly for high-end brand identity and marketing materials, where consistent and accurate color reproduction is critical.

The custom tissue paper with logo is usually printed with logo and pattern in PMS color , it is available in 1 PMS color or 2 PMS.

CMYK Color Printed Tissue Paper

CMYK color tissue paper is paper printed with CMYK process printing, which is suitable for e for some complex patterns and graphics.

Gift Tissue Pape

This type of tissue paper is often used in arts and crafts, gift wrapping, and other decorative purposes.The CMYK colors allow for greater creative freedom and can add a fun and vibrant touch to any project.

Metallic Printed Tissue Paper

Metallic printed tissue paper is tissue paper printed logo or design in metalllic color .The metallic color can add a shiny, reflective look to the tissue paper.

Metallic printed tissue paper is often used for packaging decroation,and can add an extra layer of visual interest to a gift or display.

The metallic color is available in gold, silver ,bronze,and etc.

Full Color Printed Tissue Paper

Full color printed tissue paper refers to the 100% coverage printed tissue paper.Tissue paper with 100% coverage printed is commonly used for gift wrapping, packaging, and branding applications where a high-quality, visually impactful design is desired.

Transparant UV Printed Tissue Paper

Transparent ink is a special ink, if we want to print black color on black tissue paper,then we will use transparent ink to print logo, text and pattern.

It is often used in designs to create subtle or intricate visual effects.

Choosing Tissue Paper

Once you’ve finished your design, it’s time to choose your tissue paper. There are a few things to keep in mind when selecting your tissue paper, including:

  • Color: there are various tissue paper color availble,it’s important to choose a color that will show off your design. White is a popular choice, as it provides a clean and classic look, besides white color , there is black tissue paper , silver tissue paper , gold tissue paper and other colored tissue paper .
  • Weight: Tissue paper comes in a range of weights , such as 17gsm ,22 gsm, 30gsm . When choosing your tissue paper, consider the items you’ll be using it to wrap. For delicate items, a lighter weight tissue paper is a good choice, while for heavier items, a sturdier tissue paper is a better option.

Printing Tissue Paper

Now it is time to print tissue paper ,you need to consider some factors.

  • Quality: Due to differences in printing equipment and methods among different manufacturers, the same design pattern can produce different printing quality. If you have high requirements for printing quality, it is very necessary to do sample proofing work, which can help avoid the risk of errors in mass production.
  • Cost: The main factors that affect cost include paper type, color, quantity, and size, but implicit costs such as plate-making costs should also be considered.
  • Lead time:Although the printing and delivery time for custom tissue paper is relatively fast, you also need to consider whether the supplier’s production schedule matches your lead time.
  • Shipping method:Check the supplier’s shipping method to ensure that their delivery can meet your needs.

By considering these factors, you can personalize tissue paper with desired quality and cost-effectiveness.

Through this guide, I hope to help you understand the benefits of custom tissue paper, the different printing colors of tissue paper, the types of tissue paper, and the factors to consider when printing tissue paper.

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