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The folding gift box is a self-assembled rigid box style; the box is flat shipping, which saves transportation costs a lot, and prevents the package from being damaged during transportation. Therefore, folding gift boxes are an ideal packaging solution for large boutique products..

Best used Packaging

Select Foldable Boxes Styles

Half Flip-Top boxes with Ribbon

Half Flip-Top Folding Box

Flip-Top Foldable Box

Flip-Top Collapsible Box with Ribbon

Collapsible Rigid Box with Ribbon

Collapsible Gift Boxes

Custom Foldable Rigid Boxes

Custom Ring Gift Box

Cosmetic Gift Box Packaging

Purse Packaging Box

Cosmetic Rigid Box with Window

Chocolate Gift Box

Shaver Black Gift Box

Watch Packaging Box

Cosmetic Rigid Box

Logo Printing Options on Packaging

Process of Custom Gift Boxes and Paper Bags


Choose & Explore Styles

Choose from our wide range of packaging styles for gift boxes and paper bags, or explore new gift box styles for you.


Submit Budget Quotation

Provide initial quotation within 1-3 working days according to size, material, printing, quantity,and additional requirement.


Provide Packaging layout

After the quotation is confirmed, we provide the packaging design layout, including size, printing color size, and location, and provide a 3D mock-up if necessary.


Prototyping & Sample Proofing

The process of sample proofing will take 4-10 days, during this period, you can make any changes to the sample.


Production & Delivery

Mass production orders are made according to your final confirmed samples. We can provide door-to-door delivery service.

Custom Packaging of Gift Boxes

Better Package develops various styles of gift boxes for customers. Elaborated printed gift boxes can decorate product packaging, elevate packaging level, your consumers an unboxing experience, and help increase brand awareness and stand out form your competitors

Advanced packaging equipments elevate the production efficiency

Our packaging mill is equipped with various equipment for producing rigid gift boxes.

  • automatic die-cutting machine
  • automatic cardboard cutting machine.
  • automatic hot foil stamping machine
  • automatic positioning, 
  • automatic set-up rigid box
  • case maker machines.

These advanced packaging equipment have greatly improved our gift box production capacity and efficiency, allowing us to provide customers with better gift boxes and faster turnaround.

Specialized and diligent team delivers outstanding packaging

With a production team of more than 100 worker, more than ten years of production experience, extensive brand service experience, and thousands of gift box styles that have been developed, we can provide customers with reliable packaging customization solutions.

  • Packaging layout & artwork esign
  • Packaging structural design
  • Prototyping sample proofing
  • Multi-channel logistics distribution services

Frequently Asked Questions

The foldable box is also called a collapsible box, a self-assembly packaging box. The foldable gift box is made of a rigid board and is assembled into a beautiful gift box by the magnets and double-sided tape inside.

The foldable gift box is made of a very flexible rigid board, and it is available in various styles.

There are prevail three popular folding box styles,

  • Collapsible box with magnets and double-sided tape
  • Collapsible box with double-sided tape 
  • Collapsible box with full magnetic

Absolutely, foldable box is available to custom in material , color and size.

The folding gift box is one of the five basic box types, and given its flat shipping, the foldable gift box is an ideal solution to pack large commodities.

The folding gift box is suitable for luxury shirt packaging, dress packaging, and footwear packaging; the folding style is very fashionable and exquisite.


We offer wholesale magnetic folding boxes in stock available in various sizes and color.

  • Foldable box with ribbon
  • Foldable box without ribbon

It is ok to print the logo on the foldable boxes.

Wholesale Foldable Boxes

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