Custom Drawer Gift Boxes for your Packaging

The drawer gift box, also called the sliding gift box, is the favorite gift box style for jewelry, chocolate, and cosmetic products. The inner slide base is even more practical and safe for your products.

The wide choice of printing, paper, and a decorated liner makes the drawer rigid box suitable for extensive product packaging.

Best used Industry

Paper Jewelry Boxes

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Sliding Gift Boxes

Drawer Box with Ribbon

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Custom Drawer Gift Boxes

Remote Sleeve Gift Boxes

Drawer Gift Box with Ribbon

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Cookie Sleeve Sliding Gift Box

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Logo Printing Options on Drawer Sliding Boxes

Process of Custom Drawer Gift Boxes


Select & Explore Styles

Choose from our wide range of packaging styles for gift boxes and paper bags, or explore new gift box styles for you.


Submit Budget Quotation

Provide initial quotation within 1-3 working days according to size, material, printing, quantity,and additional requirement.


Provide Packaging layout

After the quotation is confirmed, we provide the packaging design layout, including size, printing color size, and location, and provide a 3D mock-up if necessary.


Prototyping & Sample Proofing

The process of sample proofing will take 4-10 days, during this period, you can make any changes to the sample.


Production & Delivery

Mass production orders are made according to your final confirmed samples. We can provide door-to-door delivery service.

Professional Custom Gift box Packaging

Better Package custom drawer gift boxes and other styles of gift boxes for customers. Elaborated printed gift boxes can decorate product packaging, elevate packaging level, give your consumers an unboxing experience, and help increase brand awareness and stand out from your competitors.

Advanced packaging equipments elevate the production efficiency

Our packaging mill is equipped with various equipment for producing rigid gift boxes.

  • automatic die-cutting machine
  • automatic cardboard cutting machine.
  • automatic hot foil stamping machine
  • automatic positioning, 
  • automatic set-up rigid box
  • case maker machines.

These advanced packaging equipment have greatly improved our gift box production capacity and efficiency, allowing us to provide customers with better gift boxes and faster turnaround.

Specialized and diligent team delivers outstanding packaging

With a production team of more than 100 worker, more than ten years of production experience, extensive brand service experience, and thousands of gift box styles that have been developed, we can provide customers with reliable packaging customization solutions.

  • Packaging layout & artwork esign
  • Packaging structural design
  • Prototyping sample proofing
  • Multi-channel logistics distribution services

Frequently Asked Questions

 The drawer gift box is a kind of slide-out packaging box. Therefore, the drawer box is also called the sliding gift box.

The material of the sliding gift box can be chipboard or a rigid gray board. Chipboard drawer gift boxes are generally used in food packaging, such as cookie boxes, candy packaging, s. And drawer boxes made of the rigid board are more suitable for luxury packaging products, such as candles, jewelry, and cosmetics.

The drawer gift boxes are an elegant style and are available in four variant types.

The amazing thing about the custom paper drawer box is that it can use a variety of paper textures and glossy and matte coatings, and a personalized printing process to complete a great packaging gift box.

Packaging experts from Better Package company will offer your extensive packaging suggestions and supports from the structure, printing design, printing technique, material, and other packaging details to create a memorable lid and base gift box for your products.

Drawer gift boxes are suitable for product packaging in various industries. Sliding boxes made of chipboard are generally used for food packaging, such as biscuit boxes, candy packaging, etc. On the other hand, the drawer boxes of the rigid board are more suitable for high-end packaging products such as candles, jewelry, and cosmetics.

The cost of custom drawer boxes involves basic customization requirements such as the size, quantity, and printing of the gift box. You can leave your needs, and our colleagues will contact you and offer the best price.

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