Custom Kraft Paper Bags

Kraft paper shopping bags are usually made from sturdy, durable Kraft paper. This material is strong and can hold heavy items, making it ideal for shopping bags.

Handles Solutions for Kraft Paper Bags

Paper Rope

twisted Paper Handle

Polyester Rope

Slced Paper Handle

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, kraft paper is eco-friendly paper.

Kraft paper bags are shopping bags made of kraft paper and bleach kraft paper. There are various styles of paper bags made of kraft paper, including kraft euro paper bags, kraft paper bags with ribbon handles, and kraft paper bags with cut-out handles.

Better Package mass-customizes various gift paper bags. Paper gift bags are customized in size, color, handle style, and printing according to your requirements. Prices range from$ 0.3 to$ 0.9.

The MOQ to custom kraft paper bags is 2000 pcs

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