Stunning Textureed Paper for Packaging

When it comes to textured paper, it is the ideal paper for making luxury packaging. Various styles of textured paper can be used to design exclusive luxury paper bags and  gift boxes  making it a high-quality packaging material solution to enhance the brand.

Why Use Texture Paper


  • Recycled materials or FSC certified textured paper are environmentally friendly materials

Aesthetic packaging

  • The packaging concept includes aesthetics and practicality, and textured paper can greatly enhance the aesthetics of packaging.

Customizable Paper Texture

  • There are various options for paper texture, but the customizability of texture makes packaging design more creative

Various Paper Texture for Gift Packaging

Textured paper is usually suitable for making luxury packaging paper bags, making them more unique and distinctive.

Leather Grain Paper

Canvas Texture Paper

Felt Texture Paper

Eggshell Texture Paper

Prada Textured Paper

Linen Textured Paper

Leaf Texture Paper

Laid Texture Paper

Canvas Paper Textured Gift Bag

The black gift bag is made of canvas textured paper and is widely used in various luxury paper bags and gift boxes.

Canvas textured paper can be combined with logo embossing and hot stamping techniques to make packaging bags look more beautiful and luxurious.

Leather Grain Luxury Paper Bags

Leather texture paper is paper with a leather-like texture on the surface, which makes the paper look very luxurious and unique.

Leather texture paper is usually used to make jewelry paper bags and paper boxes. Textured paper is suitable for printing different colors and designs.

The green luxury paper bag is made of leather texture paper. In addition, we use the hot stamping process to make the brand logo stand out in the center of the paper bag. The matte film coating makes the paper bag sturdy and durable.

Linen Texture Clothing Paper Bags

This white shopping paper bag is made of linen texture paper. Linen texture paper shows natural characteristics and is suitable for clothing shopping paper bags.
Linen texture has a variety of paper color options, such as black, white, red and other colors. Multiple color options meet the customer’s personalized design requirements.

Felt Texture Paper Gift Bags

The felt texture paper is a kind of uncoated paper with good folding resistance.
Its weight options are 150g, 180g, 230g, 250g, and 300g.
It is suitable for making shopping paper bags, paper boxes, and business cards.

Texture Paper Gift Bag Customization Service

From the design to the physical paper bag,you can trust us to custom luxury gift bag that perfectly represent your brand.

Design concept Presentation

  • The design of paper bags involves brand color, paper bag layout, logo craftsmanship, paper material, and handle type. You can trust that we will provide professional and detailed solutions

Prototype Sampling

  • The physical sample is for you to confirm and inspect the design and quality of the paper bag to ensure it meets your expectations.


  • Effective communication between the client and the manufacturer throughout the process is essential to ensure the final product meets the desired specifications.

Logistics Solutions

  • Providing multi-channel and multi linkage logistics solutions, air freight, sea freight, and door-to-door delivery to help you optimize your inventory management

Customization and Pricing FAQ

We offer approximately 50 different textured paper styles to meet the personalized customization needs of our customers.
The above list is just some of the most common textured papers.
You can provide pictures of the textured paper you need, and we will search for the most similar styles in our existing textured paper series
We provide the following production and delivery times for your reference:
  • Production time :13-16days 
  • Delivery time : 18-24 days to arrive at your address in USA
We can also deliver the textured luxury gift bag to other countries.please contact us for delivery time to your countries.
Customized paper bag handles come with satin ribbon cotton cord , and cotton ribbon to choose from.
We match handles in different colors according to customized design requirements.

Please provide detailed requirements for the size, logo image, and design of paper bags
Once we have this information, we will be able to provide you with a detailed quotation based on your needs.
Our goal is to ensure that your expectations are met and to provide high-quality customized shopping bags.


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