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Pantone VS CMYK, Which One is More Popular in Custom Packaging?

Custom packaging means on-demand packaging, it is the process of designing and creating unique packaging solution that meets the specific needs of the products. The work of producing custom packagings, such as gift boxes, and gift bags typically collaborating with

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How to Practice Sustainable Packaging in Retail Packaging?

Sustainable packaging refers to packaging materials and design that minimize their impact on the environment while still providing protection and presentation for products. In retail packaging, sustainable packaging often involves every aspect of packaging production. In this article, we provide

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Hot Foil Stamping in Custom Packaging

Hot foil stamping is commonly used in the packaging industry for a range of products, including cosmetics, food and beverage packaging, luxury goods, and more. It can be used to add logos, branding elements, product names, and other design elements

Personalize Tissue Paper

Custom Printed Tissue Paper: A Guide to Personalize Tissue Paper

Tissue paper is a very useful packaging material that has been used for packing delicate items and protecting them during transit. Tissue paper can also be a great way to add a touch of personality to your packaging. Personalize tissue

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How to Effectively Custom Paper Bag with Handles (5 aspects)

The custom paper handles bags with logo help to enhance packaging and contribute to your business growth. Custom paper bag provides additional value to your products, and the printed and exquisite paper bags fully utilize your brand effectiveness. Therefore,it is

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How to Choose Handles for Custom Paper Bag?

The handle is an important component of a custom paper bag, as it is the means by which the bag is carried. The handle allows the user to easily and comfortably transport the bag, whether it is filled with groceries,

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How Much Do Custom Rigid Boxes Cost?

Rigid Boxes are handcrafted gift boxes constructed of gray board and wrapped in the printed paper. Rigid boxes come in various shapes and box structural. Due to their diversity of structures and the uniqueness of shapes, rigid gift boxes have

Rigid Box

Rigid Boxes Packaging

Beautifully printed and unique shape premium packaging always makes an item stand out. When we customize gift boxes for clients, they sometimes don’t understand why some gift boxes could not do some special box structure and finishes. There are various

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6 Ideas for Inspiring Corporate Gift Boxes

As the end of 2022 approaches, many companies will start to prepare various business gift packaging for working partners, employees, industry coworkers, and clients. Corporate gift boxes are a major aspect of impressing coworkers, encouraging employees, and enhancing your business