5 Tips: How Does Packaging Contribute to Product Identification in 2021?

Suppose you are looking for product packaging for a new business activity or confused about packaging design and material for products. You need to know what good product packaging is.

To some extent, excellent packaging determines your success. It acts as a salesman to stimulate consumers’ s desire to buy and achieve the sales goal.

How to make your product outstanding? What kinds of packaging attract customers’ attention?

Here are five tips you should know to make packaging more captivating than your competitors.

5 Tips to Make Packaging Contribute to Products Identification

1. Show Accurate and Clear Products Information On the Packaging

The products’ necessary information, including product name,picture, and brand logo, need to be displayed on the packaging.

It is crucial to give customers a good impression in the first stage of product recognition. The packaging can attract consumers’ interest and lead consumers to know its function, price, and quality, then drive them to finish the purchase behavior.

Accurate Production information makes it easy for customers to see what the product is and its usage.

2. Use the Correct Packaging Material

The primary purpose of packaging is to protect the product. You may experience terrible shopping for receiving broken packaging or products. Good packaging can effectively protect your products, and more importantly, provide customers with a better packaging experience.

There are a variety of packaging materials, including paper, plastic, glass, and wood. Here are some principles for selecting the correct packaging material:


The packaging materials need to be coordinated with the product. Considering the closeness between the product and the packaging, we define inner packaging, middle packaging, and outer packaging.
Products such as wine, beverage, and cream will need inner packaging made of glasses or plastic to guarantee their quality.

Medium packaging needs to satisfy the dual functions of beautifying and cushion. Generally, paper or wood packaging materials are used because of the convenience of printing.

The outer packaging is mainly used to ensure the product’s transportation safety, so packaging material should first meet the shock-proof function and consider the decoration needs. Corrugated paper materials are mostly used.


Products are classified into high, medium, and common grades. The product packaging also needs to match the nature of the product.

The high-end products use packaging in elegant design and exquisite appearance, such as luxury goods, digital products, etc. Usually, It will be better to choose high-end paper / plastic packaging materials.

However, for other mid-range products, it needs to strike the best balance between cost and packaging. For the simple commodity, it focuses on the packaging of economic benefits and reliability.

Environmental Protection

Green packaging reduces pollution and damage to the ecological environment and makes the human living environment safer and more comfortable.

More and more customers prefer purchasing sustainable packaging. It has become mainstream to use sustainable packaging in the future.

The paper’s raw materials are mainly natural plant fibers, which can be recycled. Degradable plastic packaging bags’ primary material is corn starch, and it is biodegradable.

3. Create Innovative and Interesting Packaging Shape and Design

It is a human instinct for people to pursue exciting and innovative things.
Creative product packaging will arouse people’s interest and attract them to recognize the product.

Food packaging with the shape of flowers, animals, and cartoon characters will build a close relationship with customers.

Living in a modern society of high pressure, people desire a pleasant spiritual experience. Creative packaging increases consumer satisfaction with the product and enhances the pleasure of consumers.

4. Personalized Packaging Decoration to Enhance Products Identification

Ribbon, wrapping paper, stickers are personalized packaging decorations to enhance product identification.

It is a good idea to use different print sleeves to identify the food’s other flavors.

Wrapping your products in your wrapping paper and ribbon shows that you value and respect your customer and increase their production perception.

When you are engaging in your craft, food, or candle business, it will be a fantastic idea to use your wrap paper to pack products; you can get the printed ribbon and wrapping paper at a low cost.

5. Value Customers’ Packaging Experience In the form of E-commerce retail business

Online shopping has been phenomenal growth in the retail business; it has become mainstream.

Compared with purchasing in department stores, supermarkets, and retail stores, more and more people prefer shopping online; they enjoy home delivery and free return.

Packaging becomes the first physical touchpoint between your product and consumers; excellent packaging will do an excellent job of impressing consumers, leaving good reviews, and increasing the repurchase rate. So it is essential to care about packaging quality and customers’ unboxing experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the packaging size appropriate?

We may have received packages that are too large and filled with excessive materials. It will cause trouble for consumers in subsequent garbage sorting; furthermore, it is not suitable for environmental protection.

Is the packaging strong enough?

Even if we choose the best logistics company such as FEDEX, DHL, we may not control what your parcel would experience in transmit, especially on shopping festival days like Black Friday. So we need to use more strong outer packaging for transportation, especially those fragile products.

Is the packaging multifunctional?

As consumers become more environmentally and socially conscious, Multifunctional packaging appeals to customers to use again.
Packaging needs to value and meets customers’ needs. With the help of multi-purpose packaging, the concept can enhance product identification and impression.

Do you provide additional gifts?

Good gifts can maintain customers’ loyalty, encourage customers to buy again, and form differentiation with competitors.
Customers will immediately feel appreciated and respected and will further spread the brand and product by providing the customer with stickers, memos, and paper bags for free.­­­

Final Conclusion

There is no doubt that packaging plays a magnificent role in improving product identity and brand awareness.

Custom packaging aims to highlight product visibility, including custom designs and sizes, custom materials, and packaging accessories.

The core of product packaging is to provide consumers with a better shopping experience and more valuable products.

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