Custom Logo Printing-Hot Foil Stamping

Hot stamping, also called foil stamping printing, is a logo printing method in packaging. Hot stamping is to print patterns and text on paper, cloth, or leather by heating metallic foil through a heated metal plate.

The foil is available in various color ,such as white,gold,black,copper,rose gold,etc.

A foil stamping logo has bright colors and a metallic luster to decorate the packaging and outstanding products.

Best Used for Packaging
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Foil Stamping Logo on Packaging

Gold Foil Logo on Leather

White Foil Logo on Embossed Paper

Black Foil Logo on Kraft Paper

Gold Foil Logo on Velvet

LOGO Printing Creates Impressive Custom Packaging

Suppose you are ready to customize a shopping bag or gift box with a logo. You would like to know how many printing methods the logo is and which one is the most suitable for your packaging design. Choosing the right logo printing method is more important than you might think – logos are essential for creating memorable packaging. 

Hot stamping and Cold Stamping

There are two processes of foil stamping: hot stamping and cold stamping.

The normal paper bags and gift boxes generally adopt the hot stamping process. However, the cold stamping process is usually used on wine labels and premium cards.

Various Color Hot Foil Stamping Logo

The foil aluminum has many color choices, and the colorful foil stamping logo can bring an infinite design to packaging.

  • Dark blue foil stamping logo
  • Bronze foil stamping logo
  • Blue foil stamping logo
  • Black foil stamping  logo

Frequently Asked Questions

Foil stamping is currently a very mature process and one of the most used processes in gift packaging.

The hot stamping is a cost-effective way to get a box or bag with logo.

Foil aluminum is the main consumable in the foil stamping process. It is available in various colors, and has matt and glossy varnish

The hot stamping of gift boxes and paper bags highlights the brand and adds a sense of luxury to the packaging. In addition, the hot stamping process combined with other methods such as embossing allows for excellent packaging.

Foil Stamping is a highly adaptable printing process applied to a wide range of materials, including paper, leather, cotton fabric, and plastic board

The main difference between hot and cold stamping is temperature and scope of application.
1. Hot stamping mainly prints the logo or pattern by heating the foil aluminum on the package. The printing quality of hot stamping replies to the temperature control.

Cold stamping is similar to screen printing; it does not require high-temperature requirements.

2. Hot stamping is often used in gift boxes, paper bags, and commercial packaging, while cold stamping is often used in label printing.

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