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Explore the different paper bag making materials, from durable and eco-friendly kraft paper, to delicate and smooth coated paper, to luxurious pearlescent and specialty papers, to find the ideal paper bag material that will elevate your customized paper bags and make a lasting impression.

10 Types Paper Materials for Making Paper Bags

The type of paper materials that can be used to make these bags vary and need to be carefully considered.

Brown Kraft paper

Brown paper's natural appearance, strength, eco-friendly and cost-effective, make it a ideal paper bag material choice for economical shopping bag.

white Kraft Paper

The bleached kraft paper offers durability and a clean surface, making it ideal for retail packaging and promotional branding.

C1S Coated Paper

It is also called ivory board, and it is known for its sturdiness and ability to print intricated designs, it's often chosen for premium packaging and high-end retail paper shopping bag.

Textured / Embossed Paper

Paper with a distinct surface pattern or texture gives it a unique look and feel compared to smooth paper. Textured paper is favored for making branded paper shopping bags and luxury gift bag.

Black Paper

The black paper provides inspiration for contrasting branding or design elements, making it a popular choice for stylish paper packaging bags.

Metallic Paper

Metallic paper is a special paper that adds a gold or silver film to the surface of the paper, which enhances the visual appeal of the surface paper. This type of paper is an excellent choice for making luxury paper gift bags..

Pearlescent Paper

The pearlescent paper exudes a shimmering surface, lending an eye-catching and glamorous aesthetic to the paper bag.

Grid Kraft Paper

The grid-lined kraft paper is strong and durable, suitable for making oversized and heavy-bearing bags.

C2S Coated Paper

The paper has a smooth and high-brightness surface on both sides and is often used to make white paper bags with logos.

Speciality Paper

Specialty papers have unique properties, including special colors and compositions, to meet specific creative handbag packaging needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

What are the key features of paper to make paper bags?

  • Sturdiness and Durability: The ability to withstand pressure and protect the contents inside is a primary feature of paper.
  • Recyclability: Paper can be recycled to reduce pollution of environmental resources.
  • Customizability: Easily customizable by printing, stamping, or other packaging finishes for personalization or branding

What kind of paper is suitable for different paper bags types?

  • Kraft paper bag :Use low weight brown kraft paper and bleached kraft paper because they are cheaper

  • Euro tote paper bags:  The euro tote paper bags are the coated paper bags withmatt /glossy lamination. The use of coated paper is suitable for various printing methods, and the paper cost is very cost-effective. 
  • Retail paper bags: There is a wide range of paper bags to choose from, including kraft paper, coated paper, black card paper and some embossed papers. This mainly depends on the size of the paper bag and printing requirements.
  • Brand paper bag  Branded paper shopping bag focus on the unique appearance, the innovation and sustainability of printing,
    Paper preferences center on environmentally friendly specialty paper, custom embossed paper and pearlescent paper.

The type of paper bag has a certain impact on the choice of paper material, but the paper material must match the budget, printing design, specific finished and delivery time of the paper bag.


How does the paper bag material types effect on different types of paper bags ?

  • Printing Quality:Coated papers generally provide a smoother surface for printing, resulting in sharper images and vibrant colors. Uncoated papers may absorb more ink, giving a different texture and appearance.

  • Visual Appeal: Different papers come with various textures, finishes, and colors. These attributes can influence the visual appearance of the paper bag, and affect how appealing the bag is to consumers.
  • Cost: The cost of different types of paper varies based on factors like quality, thickness, texture, and finishes. The paper bag made of specialty paper might be more expensive than bags made of coated paper.
  • Sustainability: Some types of paper are more sustainable and environmentally friendly than others. such as Recycled or FSC-certified (Forest Stewardship Council) papers.

The material type for paper bags affects not only the visual and tactile qualities of the bags but also considerations like cost and sustainability. 

What are the paper bag properties?

The paper bag is the ideal packaging bag solution with multiple properties of eco-friendly, durable, customizable, aesthetic appeal, and brand value. 

Paper Enhance Paper Bag aesthetic Appearance

Our custom paper bags are both stylish and sustainable! Choosing a more eco-friendly option not only showcases your unique brand but also helps create a cleaner environment.
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