Paper Bags Size for Product Packaging

When using paper bags to package products, properly sized paper bags can better protect the products during transportation and storage.

The size of your paper bag affects the overall visual appeal of your product, so it’s important to choose a size that’s both practical and aesthetically pleasing.

In this article, we delve into the often-overlooked aspect of a gift packaging bag — the size of the gift bag. Understanding how to measure and choose the right-sized bag can transform a simple gift into a beautifully curated package, enhancing the overall of your products.

We’ll curate a selection of shopping bags in various sizes, ensuring you have the perfect packaging options for a diverse range of products.

How to Measure Paper Bag ?

Before measuring the paper bag, we need to explain a dimensional expression for the depth of the paper bag. Depth, width, and gusset, although these words are different, they express the same meaning.

  • Length: the horizontal distance of the front of the paper bag
  • Depth:  Side distance of the paper bag
  • Height: the vertical distance of the paper bag

The typical size of brown kraft paper bags include three dimensions. However, when measuring a euro tote paper bag or a luxury paper bag, there is an additional dimension- turnover top height

  • Turn over top height: the distance of the inside flap from the top

This part is used to insert reinforcement board to strengthen the firmness of the paper bag handle.It also provide the paper bag with a load-bearing capacity,and it enhances appearance of the paper bag.

The Paper Bag Size Chart

We have a large number of paper bag sizes to choose from, and we divide paper shopping bags into small, medium, and large sizes according to their capacity.

These paper shopping bags in various sizes and dimensions can help with your various product packaging needs.

Paper Bag Small Size

Small paper bags are compact, measuring less than 7.5 inches in both length and height, with a depth ranging from 2 to 4 inches, they are the perfect choice for carrying small gifts and accessories.

  • Jewelry: they are ideal for packaging delicate items such as rings, earrings, bracelets, or necklaces.
  • Candles: A beautifully scented candle or tea lights can be elegantly presented in small paper bags with handles.
  • Cosmetics: These small gift bags are good for carrying lipstick, nail polish, perfume, or small skincare products.
  • Chocolates or Candies: Small paper bags for sweet need compact-size gift bags like this.
  • Small clothing accessories: Some small clothing accessories, such as scarves and gloves, can be packed in a small paper shopping bag
  • Small Electronics: These paper gift bags are good packaging solution for USB drives, headphones, or portable chargers
  • Tea or coffee: They are suitable for carring tea bags or coffee.

There are five standard small paper bag sizes to choose from.

Paper Bag Size in inchesPaper Bag Size in cmUsage
L4” x H4.5” x D2.75”L10 x H11.5 x D7cmGadgets, jewelry, small candle
L5.25” x H5.25” x D3”L13.5 x H1.5 x D7.8cmCosmetic, sweets
L5.7” x H4.5” x D2.4”L14.5 x H11.5 x D6cmJewelry chocolates or candies
L4.5” x H6.5” x D4”L11.5 x H16.5 x D10cmJewelry, Notebooks, gloves
L6.5”xH6.5”xD3.5”L16.5 x H16.5 x D9cmSkincare Sets, Perfume

There are more small paper bag size charts free to download and view

L5.25” x H5.25” x D3”
L5.7” x H4.5” x D2.4”
L4” x H4.5” x D2.75”

Paper Bag Medium Size

Medium-sized paper bags are most commonly used size for gift product packaging。

Medium shopping bags typically measure 7.5-12 inches long, 8-15 inches high, and 3-5 inches deep.

Medium-size gift bags provide more space and versatility for packaging items. They are very suitable for clothing packaging bags, cosmetics set gift bags, and some larger toy packaging bags.

We selected the sizes of 9 most commonly used medium paper bags. these paper bags can be customized according to customers’ specific design requirements.

Paper Bag Size in inchesPaper Bag Size in cmUsage
L8” x H7” x D3”L20.5 x H18 x D8cmApparel, compact electronic gadgets
L7” x H9” x D4.2”L17.7 x H23 x D10.5cmApparel, skincare routine kit
L10 x H8” x D4”L25.5 x H20.5 x D10cmApparel,
L10” x H9” x D4”L25.5 x H23x D10cmApparel, Small Appliances
L10” x H10” x D4”L25.5 x H25.5x D10cmCosmetics
L11 X H13.2 X D4 ”L28x H33.5x D10cmCosmetics
L9.8” x H13.7” x D4.7”L25x H35x D12cmFitness accessories
L11” x H10” x D4.7‘’L28x H25.5x D12cmElectronic gadgets
L13.7” x H9.2” x D4.7”L35x H23x D12cmClothing

There are more medium paper bag size charts free to download and view

L8” x H7” x D3”
L9.8” x H13.7” x D4.7”
L10 x H8” x D4”

Paper Bag Large Size

The length and width of large shopping bags are more than 13 inches, and the depth of paper bags is more than 5 inches.

When we customize large-sized paper shopping bags, we will carefully consider the weight of the paper used in the paper bag, the material of the handle and the reinforcement board of the on top and bottom panel.

The weight of the paper bag absolutely affects the load-bearing and aesthetics of the paper bag. There are many different choices for the paper material and weight of the paper bag. For details, you can see how to choose paper for the paper bag.

Using paper with high grammage(230gsmm-300 gsm) can provide better load-bearing capacity for large shopping bags.

The following large size paper shopping bag are perfect for holding a variety of clothing, including but not limited to cozy sweaters, stylish jackets, and sturdy boots.

There are more large paper bag size chart free to download and view

Paper Bag Size in inchesPaper Bag Size in cmUsage
L16 ” x H 12”x D 5.5 ”L40.5x H30.5 x D14cmClothing,Blankets
L16 X H13.7x D5.8 InchL40.5x H35 x D15cmApparel, Boots
L17.7 ” x H 12.5”x D 5 ”L45x H32 x D13cmFramed artwork
 L16.5 X H14 X 6 InchL42x H35.5x D15cmClothing, Liquor Gift Sets
L16 ” x H 12”x D 5.5 ”L51x H40.5x D15.5cmPosters, Kitchenware
L15.7 ” x H15.7 x D 7.9”L40x H40x D20cmClothing, stuffed animals
L20.5 ” x H20.5”x D 10 ”L60x H60x D25cmClothing, Larger board games
L16 ” x H 12”x D 5.5 ”
L20.5 ” x H20.5”x D 10 ”
L16 X H13.7x D5.8”

Product packaging size is crucial for safe and efficient containment of products and also enhances brand image and customer experience.

The chart provided above serves as a helpful guide to assist you in choosing the perfect paper bag for any occasion. Our bags come in a variety of sizes, making them suitable for delicate jewelry, medium-sized baubles as well as larger items. You can be confident that we have the right bag to fit any gift size.

In addition, we can tailor paper bag to meet the unique dimensions of each customer’s needs, making the presentation as memorable as the contents inside.

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