Spot UV Printing

Spot UV is an additional transparent and glossy coating to a specific part, such as a logo or pattern of packaging.

The spot UV coating has a shiny and raised effect, enhancing the logo and images of your packaging design to attract customers and elevate the packaging.

Best Used for Packaging
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LOGO Printing Creates Impressive Custom Packaging

Suppose you are ready to customize a shopping bag or gift box with a logo. You would like to know how many printing methods the logo is and which one is the most suitable for your packaging design. Choosing the right logo printing method is more important than you might think – logos are essential for creating memorable packaging. 

Custom Various Spot UV

The Spot UV coating applied to the logo and images in the packaging is available in various finishes.

  • Glossy UV
  • Polish UV
  • Glitter UV


Frequently Asked Questions

There is environmental protection UV ink , which does  not contain solvents dries quickly, is non-toxic and tasteless, and meets the requirements of substainable packaging.  

Spot UV is a printing finish that produces special and raised effects on the logo or pattern of the packaging. Spot UV finish includes glossy UV,glitter UV and polish UV.

Spot UV is suitable for everything paper packaging. include , rigid box , paper shopping bag,business cards,Invitation cards

Spot UV process is easy to operate,fast turnaround, and don’t have minimum quantity and . it is very affordable printing process for producing paper box and paper bag with your logo.

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