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Better Package is a packaging company that customizes various product packaging. Custom packaging includes jewelry packaging, candle packaging, cosmetic packaging, packaging bags, luxury packaging, tissue paper, and ribbons.
Better Package produces gift packaging according to detailed specific requirements. In addition, The Better Package company also provides the development of creative packaging ideas and prototypes. Furthermore, it offers value-added services like free design ideas support and free delivery.



  • More than 10 years of experience
  • Responsible designers
  • Experienced service team
  • Sample proofing center
  • A wide range of packaging machines



  • Rigid Gift Boxes
  • Paper Shopping Bags
  • Shipping  Boxes
  • Tissue Paper
  • Ribbon 



  • 100 + workers
  • 1000+ style of custom packaging
  • 10000+ Daily production capacity

“To design and create memorable and personalized experiences”

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Since 2012

Better Package was founded in 2012 and has been in the gift packaging industry for many years. Finally, after years of development, we have complete and efficient production management experience. 

Our goal is to provide our customers with memorable product packaging.

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We help you design the memorable packaging.

Better Package has developed thousands of packaging types. We have worked with many different industries, including jewelry, beauty, and food. You can get many creative packaging ideas and inspirations from us.

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Questions And Answers

A custom gift box price is determined by many different variables, including material, size, style, quantity, and printing. There are other variables among different variables.
Taking materials as an example, gift boxes can be roughly divided into cardboard gift boxes, rigid  gift boxes, and corrugated gift boxes; in the same material, different sizes, colors, paper thicknesses, and printing prices are different.

Better Package provides the optimal packaging options according to your needs and budget. The price of custom gift boxes can range from $0.3-$9.99—our aim to finish your custom packaging high-efficiently.

Customized gift box means that the packaging manufacturer mass-produces gift boxes or paper bags with various design patterns and printing options according to the size and characteristics of customers’ products.

Benefits of custom packaging
1, Saving on shipping cost;Under “dimensional weight pricing, “the appropriate packaging size can greatly reduce the shipping cost.
2, Improve protection: Sturdy custom box the product increases safety for shipped products. and fewer worries about something being damaged.
3, Enhance brand recognition: Custom boxes with printed logos can better spread the brand and increase brand awareness.

Custom packaging includes custom packaging boxes, custom paper bags, packaging ribbons, and printed tissue paper. Different packaging categories have different price ranges.
Paper bags: cost from $0.25-$0.9
Paper boxes: cost from $0.3-$9.99
Ribbons: cost $0.04-$0.15
Printed Tissue paper: cost from $0.03-$0.15
Better Package has a 6,000-square-meter production base. Given the rich experience, Better Package provides various custom packaging options to meet the customer’s budget.

Custom gift boxes are printed gift boxes with your logo and design developed and produced according to your requirement.
Box size: available in any size
Box styles: 1000+styles to choose from, supporting the development of various special-shaped styles
Box printing process: available with customization printing options, hot foil stamping, UV, embossing , texture, and silk-screen printing
The gift box with the logo is unique and attractive.

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