Elevate Gifting with Custom Euro Tote Bags

Custom European tote bags go beyond ordinary shopping bags. It’s a thoughtful way to add elegance and creativity to a bag, making every shopping even more special and memorable.

Silver Hot Foil LOGO
White Hot Foil LOGO
Black Foil Logo
Purple Hot Foil Logo

Hot Foil Logo for Custom Euro Tote Bags

Choose from a range of metallic foil colors including gold, silver, copper, purple and more, allowing you to choose the perfect shade that resonates with your brand aesthetic.

Variety of Paper for Laminated EuroTote Bags

Offer an extensive range of materials to suit different preferences and purposes. From classic coated paper to luxurious textured paper, each material is chosen to meet various custom shopping paper bag requirements and preferences.

coated paper
C2S Coated Paper
Texture Paper
C1S Coated Paper
Metallic Paper
Knitted Paper Cord Handle
Grosgrain Ribbon Handle
Polyester Rope
Cotton Cord Handle

Versatile and Durable EuroTote Bag Handle Options

The handles of Euro tote paper bags are knotted to ensure a secure grip, offering durability and ease of use.

The main handle styles of European shopping bags are the following four

  • polyester rope
  • ribbon
  • cotton cord
  • paper cord

These handle styles are available in a variety of color options

Custom Euro Tote Bags with Logo

European tote-style paper bags are available in a variety of sizes, shapes, and designs to suit different needs and preferences.

Pink Paper Bag With Ribbon Handle

Euro Tote Bags

Luxury gift bags with ribbon

Paper Tote Bag

Custom Kraft Bags

Tote Paper Bag

Euro Tote Shopping Bags

Black Jewelry Gift Bag

Gift Bag With Ribbon Handles

Various Paper Bag Sizes Options for Euro Tote Gift Bags

Providing a variety of paper bag sizes ensures that businesses can find the perfect fit for their products and get the custom paper shopping bag soon.

Custom packaging online

Euro Shopping Bag Customization

Fast Production

  • Free Paper Bag Mockup
  • Free Paper Bag Design Layout 
  • Customization started from 200pcs

Free Shipping to the United States

We provide free shipping within the United States via sea, air and express delivery.

Frequently Asked Questions


Customization is one of the primary features of euro tote bags, making them a popular choice for businesses and events looking to promote their brand or create personalized merchandise.

Custom euro tote bags are available in various material options, catering to different preferences and budget considerations. The material you choose can impact the bag’s durability, appearance, and overall eco-friendliness. Here are some common material options for custom euro tote bags:

  1. Kraft paper
  2. C2S art paper
  3. Texture paper
  4. Black paper
  5. Speciality paper

It’s essential to communicate clearly with the supplier throughout the process to avoid any misunderstandings and ensure that you receive the custom euro tote bags that meet your requirements. 

Contact our Better Package, and our experts will give you a professional suggestions.

The minimum order quantity (MOQ) for custom euro tote bags can vary depending on the complex printing methods, unique materials, or specific design requirements

MOQ for custom euro tote bags can start at around 500 bags from Better Package. The large quantity, the lower the unit price.

The production time of euro tote bags varies depending on the material of the paper bag, the quantity, and the complexity of the production process.
Provide an approximate production time for the MOQ: 10-18 days

Better Package provide basic design services, such as the layout design and revision, and 3D mock-up for free.

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