8 Tips for Custom Paper Bags for Small Businesses

Custom Paper bags are custom-made paper bags that are imprinted with a specific logo or design representing a business, brand, or organization.

Printing logos, texts, pictures, patterns, and related brand design elements on paper bags to contribute to the overall perceived value of the bags.

Custom printed paper bags are commonly used for various purposes, such as packaging, marketing, promotional events, retail shopping, and giveaways.

The custom paper bags with logo offer a branding opportunity for businesses to increase visibility, convey their brand message, and create a memoCustomrable customer experience.

Here are some tips to help small businesses customize paper bags quickly and efficiently.

Simplified Design

Simplified design for custom paper gift bags focuses on essential elements realated to the brand.The paper bag printed with solid color background or brand logos creates a clean and uncluttered look to exude simplicity and sophistication while enhancing brand recognition.

The custom paper bags with logo can reduce printing and production costs. More importantly, it can speed up the production process and reduce the production time , especially for the urgent order.

Consider the Affordable and Stock Material

There is a wide range of paper materials commonly used for custom paper bags.Different papers and materials have varying costs

Here are the common paper options

  • C1S/ C2S coated Artpaper : They are common material used for paper bags with handles and offers a reasonable price with good printing results. It is often more cost-effective than specialty papers.
  • Textured paper : Textured paper is also called embossed paper, it is a type of paper that has a raised surface. The textured paper adds visual and tactile interest to paper bags, giving them a unique and premium look.
  • Kraft Paper : Kraft paper is popular for eco-friendly and affordable paper bags. It has a brown and white appearance and can be easily printed with your logo.
  • Black Paper : Black paper is one of the best paper choices for creating stylish and sophisticated paper bags. They provide a sleek and elegant look, making them suitable for paper various purposes such as luxury retail packaging, gift bags, event swag bags, and promotional items.
  • Pearlescent paper : Pearlescent pape is specialty paper characterized by its pearlescent finish.Gift bags made from pearlescent paper have an elegant and luxurious look, making them ideal for special occasions or high-end gift presentations.
  • FSC-certified paper : FSC-certified paper is a kind of sustainable material. There is a growing business preference for sustainable paper bags.

These paper material options allow merchants to choose based on aesthetics, versatility, customization, durability, environmental protection, and cost-effectiveness, while also providing opportunities for cost increases.

For small businesses, opting for cost-effective stock options that meet your packaging requirements can help manage expenses. Discussing available stock options with the manufacturer can provide insights into affordable yet suitable materials.

Among these material options, kraft paper, black paper and coated paper are all good choices.

Optimize Printing Costs

Custom-printed paper bags require specialized printing equipment, printing plates, or molds for unique designs, colors, or shapes. These setup costs and time-consuming processes varied.

Small businesses need to optimize printing expenses while still achieving an appealing and customized result.

  • CMK printing
  • PMS printing
  • Screen printing
  • Emboossed
  • Dembossed
  • Spot UV coationg
  • Foil stamping

For a small business, choosing the optimal printing cost involves careful consideration of budget constraints, quality requirements, and the overall value offered by the printing provider.

By comparing options, and consulting with printing professionals, you can gain a clearer understanding of the start-up costs associated with different printing options for custom paper bags.

As a packaging manufacturer, we not only provide a variety of printing customization options, but we also provide the most suitable solution support for customers’ customized packaging requirements.

Minimalist Handles Style and Structure

Custom paper bag handles have an impact on the functionality, aesthetics, and overall customer experience of the shopping bag, and the handle material contributes to the perceived value of the bag.

  • Twisted Paper Handles
  • Flat Paper Handles
  • Die-Cut Handles
  • Rope /Cord Handles
  • Ribbon Handles
  • Leather Handles

You’d better choose handles that complement the design without overpowering it, and consider sleek and minimalist handle options, such as ribbon handles.

When deciding the handle structure, it’s important to consider the weight and size of the items to be carried, the desired aesthetic appeal, the target audience, and the overall budget.

Appropriate Selection of Lamination Process

Lamination is a special finish on paper bags that provides an extra layer of protection, making them more resistant to moisture, tearing, and general wear and tear.

Laminating paper bags can enhance bags’ visual appeal and give them a polished look. The smooth, glossy, or matt finish achieved through lamination can make your logo, designs, and colors appear more vibrant and eye-catching.

However, the lamination finishes will bring extra production costs, and to some extent, the lamination may not align with eco-friendly practices.

During the production of custom packaging, we don’t add lamination techniques to kraft paper bags. However, for coated paper, such as C1S, and C2S art paper, it is necessary to add lamination to improve the durability of the gift bags.

Prioritize Euro Tote Paper Bags Style

Euro tote paper bags are often made with heavyweight paper and feature knotted handles,usually in the form of rope or ribbon. Euro tote bags are favored by high-end retailers and boutique shops, as they convey a luxurious and sophisticated image.

Durability and strength: Euro tote bags are thicker than kraft paper bags, which allows them to carry heavy products and withstand the weight and pressure of products. In addition, the extra reinforced cardboard on the top and bottom further enhanced the durability and strength of the paper bag.

Appearance aesthetics: Different from the brown appearance of most kraft paper bags, euro paper bags are mostly made of white paper, exuding a sense of elegance, suitable for various printing methods to create visual appeal.

Multiple Customizations: Euro tote bags can be customized in size and shape, as well as handle options in various styles. the diversity of customizations allows businesses to create unique and attractive shopping bags consistent with their brand identity.

Start with the Minimum Order Quantity

Custom packaging often involves a series of production processes, such as printing, tooling, coating, material procurement, and assembly. Each production procedure require fixed costs,producing smaller quantities may lead to higher costs per unit, making it financially unsustainable for manufacturers.

Setting an MOQ is to allocate these fixed costs to more units to make the pricing more reasonable for manufacturers and customers.

Simplify the Shipping Process

Cross-border procurement of custom gift bags is becoming more and more popular, especially attractive to businesses or individuals looking for cost savings.

Different countries or regions may offer lower manufacturing and production costs, enabling buyers to obtain custom gift bags at a more affordable price than local options.

At the same time, due to the development of international shipping networks, it has become easier for global buyers to explore and purchase customized gift bags from different countries.

When you make cross-border purchases, we must consider the cycle and cost of transportation.

Many suppliers can provide free door-to-door delivery services, which reduces a lot of workload and time for small businesses.

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