6 Ideas for Inspiring Corporate Gift Boxes

As the end of 2022 approaches, many companies will start to prepare various business gift packaging for working partners, employees, industry coworkers, and clients.

Corporate gift boxes are a major aspect of impressing coworkers, encouraging employees, and enhancing your business relation.

Therefore, the planning of the curated gifts box is a very important project for the company at the end of the year.


What is the Corporate Gift Box?

The corporate gift box is a curated gift box, which is carefully selected by the company for employees, work partners, industry colleagues, and clients.

Corporate gift boxes are used in various business events such as company anniversary celebrations, annual thank-you parties, trade shows, conferences, seminars and product launches, and the-year party.

How to Choose an Impressive Corporate Gift Box?

An impressive corporate gift box includes two aspects: the selected gift and the box packaging.

Selected gifts are undoubtedly the most important part, and many gift companies focus on the development and planning of corporate gifts. In addition to the selection of gifts, the other is the selection of gift packaging boxes.

The following are some tips for choosing corporate gift boxes.

1,Gift box with Logo and Design 

Adding a logo or printing a corporate design is more attractive than a common box. In some specific events, the design of gift boxes that matches with gift or event theme could better express the intention and sincerity of the company.

2,Create novel and creative box structure

It is difficult to bring surprising visual effects to the receiver with an ordinary box or corrugated gift box. Some custom structures and shapes make your gift box even more eye-catching.

3,Add packaging decorations and accessories to box

Gift tags

Adding gift tags to corporate packaging boxes is cost-effective and personal. Write some words of wishes on the tags to impress the receiver。

Packaging sleeve

The packaging Sleeve is a kind of accessory of the box, it is possible to print the brand name and key information of the product. Furthermore, some creative designs are also implemented, such as hollow patterns and special printing.

Printed ribbon

Printed ribbon is a very good accessory for gifts box Ribbons are not only available in various styles, but also especially suitable for printing logos. Packaging gift boxes with printed ribbons can immediately enhance the uniqueness of gifts.

6 Inspiring Corporate Gift Boxes with Handles

Gift boxes with handles are becoming more and more popular in business gift boxes. Handle in the box are very convenient to carry and will not bring a worry to the recipient about how to take them away.

The handle gift box is easy to display and placement of gifts. The handle in box is available in various materials, such as eco-friendly paper-slice strape handles and fashionable PU handles.

Here are some fancy gift boxes with handles for corporate gift boxes

Red Box with Paper Handles

This is a magnetic gift box with a handle. The main color of red and the novel shape are very attractive. The handle of the gift box is a red paper handle, which is eco-friendly and durable.

An additional red buckle makes the box even more refined.The size, color, and printing of the gift box can be customized.

This gift box is suitable for gifts like wine, traditional snacks, and chocolate.

Book Style Gift Boxes with Handle

The book-shaped box is a common style of gift box, but the extra PU handle makes the gift box unique, and the buckle designed at the opening can well fix the products inside.

Magnetic Lid Box with Handle

This magnetic lid gift box has double layer lid style, and add a PU handle on the lid. The style of the gift box is simple but very practical.

We have a gift packaging box planning team. They are constantly developing unique, delicate gift boxes for clients.

This box is suitable for packaging cosmetics, aromatherapy, toiletries, and various foods.

Round Gift Box with Handle

If you need curated gift boxes in different shapes, the round box would be a unique way to show your company as well as your gift.

This round gift box has a shoulder box-style structure with an extra layer of gold on the bottom to enhance the durability of the box.

The shoulder-style handle makes the box more beautiful, this handle is detachable.

The round gift box is small and exquisite, especially suitable for packing some small gifts, such as lipstick, hand cream, power bank, and earplugs.

Gift Box with Pearl Beading Handle

This gift box combines two different materials: beige flannel and beige paper with texture. Beige flannel elevates the gift box.

The flower pattern, text, and checkered pattern on the gift box are all made by hot foil stamping.

The pearl beading handle attached to the top of the gift box makes it easier to carry.

Foldable Box with Handle

The folding gift box is a self-assembling hard box type; it is easy to fold into a hard gift box with double-sided tape and magnets.

It is suitable for flat shipping transportation, which greatly saves transportation costs, and can prevent damage during transportation.

Therefore, the folding gift box is the ideal packaging solution for large boutique products.

The PVC transparent window on the top of this gift box displays the gift inside.

These gift boxes with handles have a variety of structures and functions that can make your business gift box stand out.

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