An Embossed Fancy Paper for Making Gift Boxes

For the summer of 2022, we launched this fancy paper in bright colors; this paper is a textured leatherette paper.

Textured paper is one of the most suitable materials for custom luxury paper bags and is ideal for luxury gift boxes.The leatherette paper is a specialty paper with a leather appearance, and it is also an exquisite packaging paper for jewelry gift boxes.

Inspiration for the Fancy Paper for Printing

A macaron is a butter-creamed filled cookie sandwich made with egg whites, almond flour, granulated sugar, and icing sugar, and filled with fruit jam or cream. Rich in taste, crisp on the outside and soft on the inside, colorful and delicate in appearance. Macarons are a very popular French dessert.

The fancy paper collection is available in 5 colors, white, blue, pink, yellow, and blue, with a choice of textured and untextured

The Best Choice for Food Packaging Box

The unique paper uses high-quality paper pulp, and these bright colors are very eye-catching, so the paper is very suitable for cosmetics, jewelry, and chocolate packaging.

Paper is suitable for LOGO printing processes, such as bronzing, UV, and embossing.

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