Beautiful Gift Box Inspiration for Wedding Dresses

A wedding is one of the most beautiful moments in everyone’s life, every detail of the wedding will become a remarkable memory in life.

Wedding dresses are different from ordinary gowns; they are generally made of white tulle, embroidered with various delicate patterns, and long tails. A wedding dress includes a wedding gown, a veil, gloves, and other accessories. Therefore, a wedding usually needs to take up a large volume. Today we introduce a perfect rigid box suitable for wedding dress boxes.

What is a Wedding Dress Box?

The wedding gift box is the outer box that can protect wedding dress for a long time. Wedding gift boxes need to be strong, durable, eco-friendly, and elaborated.

The wedding dress box is a kind of self-assembled packaging box. It ships flat to save transportation costs; on the other hand, the flat shipping method can prevent the box from being damaged during the delivery process; Therefore, the foldable box is the prevailing packaging style for large goods.

The Material for Making Boutique Folding Wedding Dress Box

There are two materials for making folding wedding bridal boxes,corrugated cardboard, and rigid board.Corrugated board is a multi-layer composite recylable board with a wave board in the middle.Corrugated bridal boxes are commonly used as folding boxes for shipping.

The folding gift box made of the rigid board is suitable for finishing with decorations ribbon and sophisticated colors to
achieve unique packaging.

Feature of Corrugated Bridal Boxes

  1. Flat shipping
  2. Eco-friendly and recyclable
  3. Hard and firm
  4. Strong and durable

Feature of Folding Rigid Gift Boxes

The folding gift box is perfect packaging for large luxury products.

  1. Flat shipping.
  2. Eco-friendly and recyclable, the gray board are recycled, and the FSC certificate.
  3. Hard and firm, the gray board’s thickness can be from 1.5mm to 3mm, providing strong support for gift boxes of different sizes.
  4. Strong and durable.
  5. Elegant and beautiful, the paper type covered inside and outside is varied, such as dyed paper, embossed paper with different textures, leatherette paper, etc., which makes the beauty and value of the wedding dress inside.
  6. Handemade
  7. Available in different styles,folding box with ribbon, folding box with handle, folding setup gift box and folding box with clear window
Folding Box with Handle
Folding Box with Ribbon
Folding Box with Clear Window
Folding Setup Gift Box

Custom Exquisite Wedding Dress Luxury Gift Box

Better Package customizes various cost-effective gift boxes and paper bags for enterprises. We focus on clients’ specific needs and provide personalized design and services from the gray board, paper, printing process, and accessories of large gift boxes.

Customized Cardboard, cardboard is a very critical material, and its thickness will determine the overall stiffness and service life of the gift box. Therefore, we provide the material and thickness of the best board according to the dresses.

Customized Paper, the paper covered inside and outside the dress box enhances the beauty and delicacy of the packaging. We provide a variety of papers to meet customers’ individual needs, including kraft paper, coated paper, dyed paper, pearl paper, textured paper, and leatherette paper.

Customized Printing Options, Besides the hot foil stamping, silkscreen, and embossing, we also provide advanced printing options such as inner and outer printing of gift boxes, laser-cut, and holographic printing.

Custom Printed Ribbons, colorful ribbons can decorate and beautify the wedding gown box, creating a more romantic atmosphere. Available grosgrain ribbons, satin ribbons, and jacquard ribbons with printed logos.

Some Style Inspiration for Wedding Gift Bags

The ship-shape paper tote bag uses quality paper and has a matt coating outside to make it more durable. The paper gift bag with a printing bloom flower means your sweet and happy life; these paper bags are available in three sizes.

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