Examples of Paper Tube Packaging Used

The rigid gift box has 6 basic box styles chosen, see the custom rigid box to abtain the characteristics and examples of these box styles.

Tube packaging gift box is one of the box styles, the cardboard tube packaging is also widely used for cosmetics, food, pharmacy, toy, gift, and beverages.  

What is the Cardboard Tube Packaging 

The cardboard paper tube is a cylindrical shape box made of cardboard core, the core could be in white and kraft colors, and the diameter ranges from 40 mm to 260mm and is match the product of the various sizes.

The feature of the paper tube packaging 

  • All-over printable 
  • lightweight and sturdy construction
  • High stacking resistance
  • Eco-friendly 
  • cost-effective 

Type of Cardboard Tube Boxes

The cardboard tube box has four different box types.

  • Tube Set up box
  • Rolled neck paper tube  
  • Neck paper tube 
  • Paper can

The tube set-up box is the same box style as the lid and base box, the lid covers the base partially or totally. 

Neck paper tube consists of three individual parts, lid, base, and additional neck, the neck could be two options: rolling edge and without rolled.The neck paper tube is the paper tube without rolling edge.

Paper can is the tube cardboard with an aluminum cover and base, or a plastic cover and aluminum bottom.

Cardboard tube packaging is an ideal packaging solution for candle, cosmetic, stationery, and promotional campaigns. Today we share some fantastic examples of paper tube packaging used in various industries

Example of Tube Cardboard Packaging Used

Paper Candle Tube

Candles are suitable for upright packaging. We once wrote an article on candle packaging ideas and introduced several packaging methods suitable for single-bottle candles. A Paper tube is an economical and solid way of packaging boxes for candles.

The outer layer of this scented candle paper tube uses 150 grams of coated paper with a printing pattern and logo, printed by an offset printing method, the constant logo on the lid emphasizes brand awareness.

Candle paper tubes often use the foam packaging insert for holding the candles.You could explore more options of foam inserts for candle boxes.

Paper Tube Beauty Box

100% Natural Deep Conditioning Hair Oil packaging box opt rolled neck paper tube style. The outside of the paper tube is full of green printing patterns and gold bronzing logos and patterns.

The tube packaging design reflects nature, utility, and simplicity, which is very consistent with the characteristics of the paper tube.

The packaging tube boxes are also good to pack perfume, bath balm, essential oil, and other personal skincare products.

Cardboard Tube Sea Salt Box

It’s a good idea to add a clear window to the box to show consumers or shoppers what inside the box is.

Paper tube packaging can add skylight on the cover, bottom, and tube body. The paper tube has a fully transparent window bottom, which is its uniqueness.

The tube packaging box with aluminum foil is to pack salt. The aluminum foil provides a complete barrier to light, oxygen, moisture, and bacteria.

Toy Tube Cardboard Box

The tube cardboard box is very interesting to kids!

Rotating the lid of the paper tube, it is easy to switch between three beautiful mermaids with different expressions.

A spinnable lid allows the paper tube to create designs that surprise customers.

The three cut-out shapes on the tube body perfectly overlap the pattern on the inside,

It is indeed an interesting design.

Cardboard Tube Pen Holder

Pen holders are generally square and round.

The paper pen holder is eco-friendly, practical, and beautiful and is suitable for printing

There are a variety of different processes used on the paper tube. It includes four-color offset printing, glossy lamination, and spot glitter UV varnish .

Cardboard Tube for Alcohol Packaging

Alcohol packaging prefers using a paper can- a type of paper tube. The bottom of the paper can is sealed with an aluminum cover. There are two options for the cover: plastic cover and aluminum cover.

The cardboard tube height is unlimited, so it is a good packaging solution for various branded umbrellas

Cardboard Tube Box for Scarf

Cardboard tubes are a good choice for clothing and apparel packaging.

Kraft paper tube boxes are to hold scarves, the pattern, logo, and text on the tube are all made of hot stamping.A die-cut circular shape on the body allows customers to touch the scarf inside.

The whole design is extremely simple, eco-friendly, and distinctive.

Paper Tube Socks Packaging 

It is also ideal to hold socks using the paper tube, the paper wrapping the tube is printed with metallic silver and laminated with matt film.


Given that paper, the tube is durable, eco-friendly, and printable, it fits into any product packaging. Besides the products we mentioned above, cardboard tube packaging is also suitable for the packaging of the following products

  • Candy
  • Gifts
  • Umbrella
  • Tea & coffee

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