How to Effectively Custom Paper Bag with Handles (5 aspects)

The custom paper handles bags with logo help to enhance packaging and contribute to your business growth.

Custom paper bag provides additional value to your products, and the printed and exquisite paper bags fully utilize your brand effectiveness.

Therefore,it is worthwhile to customize paper bags with handles in your size and design.

Many people are looking for ways to effectively customize their paper bags to make them beautiful and affordable.

In this article, we have elaborated on the following 5 aspects, the design of the paper bag, the types of the paper bag, the handle structure, the printing finishes , and the selection of the right supplier .

Designing Paper Bags using Templates

The paper bag template helps to create the design picture of the paper bag, the template shows the size, dieline, printing, packaging finishes, material, and structure of the handle, these elements contribute to the design of the paper bag style you need.

Check and download some amazing paper bag template here.

When it comes to the materials of paper bags, there are wide selections of custom paper bags.

Here are the popular material used in paper bags.

Paper MaterialPicturePaper Weight
C2S Glossy Art PaperSmall Paper Gift Bags-157gsm, 200gsm,250gsm
C1S Paper210gsm, 230gsm
Colored virgin paperboutique shopping bags160gsm, 200gsm,250gsm
White bleach kraft paper/ kraft paper120gsm,150gsm,180gsm,200gsm
Embossed/Textured paper180gsm,200gsm
Metallic Colored Paper180gsm,200gsm

Determining Type of the Paper Bags

There are three widely used paper bag styles , it includes

  • Kraft paper bags
  • Euro tote bags
  • Luxury gift bags 

Kraft paper bag is the most cost-effective style out of the other style because of its recycled material and simple construction.

Euro tote bag is a popular and durable shopping bag choice that is favored and used for retail gift products. Compared to kraft paper bags, the reinforced cardboard in the euro tote bag offers more elegance and durability for the products.

Luxury gift bags are favored by brand customers because of their advanced craftsmanship, diverse materials, special handles, and structures.

As well as being made of paper, the luxury gift bags can also be made of cotton for an impeccably elegant custom shopping bag. Luxury gift bag handles could be leather handles.

Suppose you’d like to spend less money and need a fast turnaround, the kraft paper bags would be an ideal option, while you are looking for boutique shopping bags with excellent design and printing, the euro tote bag and luxury could be on your list. 

Understanding Packaging&Printing Finishes

The customized paper bags is to create eye-catching and unique effects through designed patterns and printed logos.

Therefore, it is very necessary to understand some printing finishes commonly used in paper bag printing.

Hot foil stamping: It is a printing finishes method in packaging technology. It transfers colored aluminum foil to paper, cloth, leather, and another substrate through heated stamping dies to create patterns and text with unique glossy, metallic, diffractive, and tactile effects.

Spot UV is to add a transparent and glossy coating to packaging to make a shiny and raised effect on the logo or pattern.

It increases the variety of packaging designs to attract customers and elevate the brand packaging level.

Embossing:Just like hot stamping, embossing is one of the common process applied to logos, which is to make logos and patterns have a three-dimensional effect and highlight these parts.

Debossing: The opposite effect of embossing, it make the logo pattern a concave appearance. The thicker the paper, the better the embossing effect.

In custom gift bag production, we combine embossing, embossing, and foil stamping to provide our customers with impressive packaging.

Choosing Handles Types and Construction 

The handle plays a crucial role in the functionality of gift bags! It not only helps the shopping bag to carry things easily but also enhances the appearance of the shopping bag.

There are many kinds of handle materials for gift bags to choose from.

Handle TypesHandle PictureHandle Material
Twisted Polyester Rope
Twisted Paper Handlespaper
Macrame Paper Cordpaper
Sliced Paperpaper
Macrame Cotton Cordcotton
Grosgrain Ribbon
Satin Ribbon
Cotton Twill Ribboncotton
Twisted Cotton Ropecotton
Customized Handlecotton, polyester,nylon,

The structure of the handle is a method of adding a handle to the paper bag, it affects the appearance and cost of the paper bag.

There are several handle structures in gift paper bags, including glued handles, knotted handles, headed handles, grommet handles, and premium handle structures.

Read more how to add the handle to the paper bags.

Choosing Right Custom Packaging Supplier

A professional, experienced supplier will benefit you a lot. It can not only provide the most optimized design solution but also can guarantee the quality of paper bags.

3 Considerations for choosing custom packaging supplier.

  1. Price
  2. Prototyping
  3. Delivery

The price is undoubtedly one of the most important factors in choosing a supplier.There are two options for supplier selection for custom packaging: local suppliers and global suppliers.

The price of paper bags mostly depends on the quantity of demand.

If you would like to custom small batches of customized paper bags, the local suppliers are the best option. it is because of

  • fast response
  • quick turnaround
  • short shipping time

However, for large-volume customized paper bags, global and international suppliers are very economical choices. For example, in China, there is a very strong supply chain for handmade shopping bag customization that allows you to get cheap and high-quality goods.

Prototyping is an affordable and effective way to evaluate suppliers. The physical gift bag sample is made according to the design, it is convenient for you to check the size, printing, quality, and handle structure.

Furthermore, it is also a fast way to evaluate the production capacity of suppliers.

The another the differences between domestic and international manufacturers is the delivery time.

For rush orders, it is critical to consider lead times and shipping times, especially if you plan to work with international suppliers.

There are many options for international transportation methods and transportation lines. You can consult the freight forwarding company for the price.

International packaging suppliers also integrate a variety of international transportation methods in order to provide customers with diversified service methods.

Here are common transportation methods

  • Sea shipping
  • Air shipping
  • Express shipping
  • Railway shipping
  • Trucks shipping

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