How to Effectively Custom Paper Bag with Handles

Printed Paper bags with logo help enhance packaging and boost business growth.Customized paper bags provide added value to your products, and beautifully printed paper bags can fully reflect your brand.

In this article, we tell you how to quickly and effectively customize paper handle bags.

Choose the Stardard Paper Bag Size

Paper bags can be customized to specific sizes, giving businesses a flexible, tailor-made solution that can meet unique size requirements.

While custom sizing services are a great option, using existing paper bag sizes can offer many advantages in terms of cost-effectiveness and efficiency.

One of the biggest benefits is the elimination of the cost of die-cutting plates. Especially for the demand for smaller batches of gift bags with logos, such as 200 or 300 pieces, the cost of die-cutting plates occupies a large expense.

In addition, using standard sizes can speed up production time and save the cost of making die-cut plates,

Using existing paper bag sizes simplifies production time and reduces the expense of producing paper bags, which is especially important for time- and price-sensitive small-volume paper bag orders.

Better Package offers a selection of various existing paper bag sizes from small, medium and large

.You can download and view a wide range of paper bag sizes and samples

Use the Paper Bag Template

The paper bag template includes the overall layout of the paper bag and some details of the die-cutting line of the paper bag.

It not only identifies the size of the paper bag (length, width and depth), but also identifies the craftsmanship of the paper bag handle and the structure of the bottom. This allows customers and designers to place logos and artwork in the appropriate positions.

Paper bag templates simplify the process of customizing paper bags and ensure successful design and production.

Below is one of our paper bag templates. There is a mock-up of gift bag on the left, which shows the effect of the paper bag forming. The right side shows the layout of the paper bag. We marked the size of the paper bag both in inches and centimeters respectively.

The layout also shows the fold lines inside the paper bag as well as the bottom structure.

You just need to put your logo or artwork on the paper bag.

We provide a variety of paper bag templates for free download, such as Euro tote paper bag templates, ribbon handle paper bag templates, rope handle paper bag templates and luxury paper bag templates.

Check and download some amazing paper bag template here.

Select the Coated Paper to Make Paper Bag

There are 10 different types of paper used to make paper bags, among which C1S paper and C2S paper are the most commonly used papers for the production of paper bags.

  • Affordable price: These two types of paper are commonly used in paper mills, with high demand and low price.
  • Strong printing ability: The paper surface is smooth and flat, suitable for various printing methods, whether it is offset printing, silk screen printing, hot stamping or digital printing.

We have many cases of using these two kinds of paper to make paper bags

Choose Versatile Ribbon Handles

Using satin ribbon or grosgrain as handle for a paper bag can be a good idea.

Firslty , the ribbon is strong, it is crucial for carrying items of various weights, ensuring that the handles are robust enough to withstand the load without breaking.

Seconldy, the ribbons come in various widths, its versatility ensures sutiable for different size paper shopping bags .

Thirdly, there are 196 regular ribbon colors to choose from, providing the opportunity to create visually appealing packaging.

Decide the Logo Printing Finishes

Customizing paper bags usually means printing the brand logo on the paper bag, so determining the logo printing method is a very important point for customizing paper bags.

There are 4 types of packaging printing logos: foil stamping logos, screen printing logos, embossed logos, and spot UV varnish printing.

We ever discuss the character of each type of logo printing and compare their features and costs in 4 Popular Types of Logo Printing.

Hot Stamping Emboss

In conclusion, by chossing the paper size, utilizing bag templates, choosing quality coated paper, and deciding on handle width and color, you can create a distinctive and eye-catching product.

Our extensive range of paper bag templates and die-cut lines empowers you to craft a personalized packaging solution that aligns with your brand or event theme.

The flexibility in paper bag sizes ensures that paper bag can accommodate a diverse range of gifts, from small to larger.

At Better Package, We take pride in offering door-to-door delivery, ensuring a convenient and hassle-free experience for our clients.

Whether you’re placing a small or large order, our dedication to efficient and reliable delivery . Choose Better Package for a customized and reliable solution to your paper bag need.

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