A Premium Version of Cigarette Box

A cigarette box is a packaging box that can be seen everywhere in people’s daily lives. A pack of cigarettes is called a cigarette pack. The tobacco packaging box is rectangular and has two packaging forms: a soft pack of cigarettes and a hard tobacco box. In terms of production technology, hard boxes are made of thick paperboard with various processes, while producing a soft cigarette pack is much simpler. In addition, the tightness of the hard tobacco packs is better than soft cigarette packaging as the soft cigarette packaging is easily damp and squeezed. Therefore, most cigarette packs nowadays are in hard box packaging.

People who smoke regularly will also find that they often smoke cigarettes of different sizes. Again, it is because cigarettes come in different sizes. We generally call them Kings, Slim, and Super-slim; traditional cigarettes are 84-99mm long and 5-7.8mm in diameter.

The conventional cigarette packs on the market are opened with a top opening. After tearing off the outer cellophane, tap the bottom of the package, and then open the box to enjoy your cigarettes. We introduce a premium version of the cigarette box: a packaging box with a hinged lid. The pack of cigarettes is divided into two parts, the lid, and the bottom. The opening method of this box is from the side, which is different from the standard cigarette box.

A Hinged Lid Box is The Best Packaging Method for Premium Cigarette Packaging.

Tobacco companies strive to impress consumers with unique cigarette packaging, and this hinged cardboard cigarette box accomplishes this mission well.

First of all,  People open the hinged tobacco pack at 180 degrees; it is convenient for smokers to take out cigarettes and share tobacco with friends. The unique opening and closing method allow all cigarettes to be seen at a glance. When people open ordinary cigarette boxes, generally, only the part of the cigarette filter tip is displayed.

Secondly, it provides more space for packaging designers to create unique designs. The cigarette packaging style, design, tobacco trademark, and printing process have a particular appreciation and collection value. Many cigarette packaging collectors like collecting different tobacco packaging boxes from various tobacco brands. The cigarette case is very delicate and compact. The design of the ordinary cigarette pack is generally used on the outside of the tobacco packaging because its inner area is not visible. However, this shoulder tobacco packaging box is suitable for internal and external printing. Besides printing brand logos and patterns and some necessary content on the outside of the box,  text and ways can also be printed on the inside of the tobacco lid and the bottom of the box so that tobacco companies can design more attractive tobacco packaging boxes.

Finally, The hard box made of multiple layers of cardboard has extra lined cardboard inside the bottom to strengthen the firmness of the cigarette packaging box.

How to Customize The Premium Version of The Cigarette Box?

The better package produces all kinds of tobacco packaging with creative design and various sizes. Welcome to contact us and tell us the details of cigarette and packaging experts who will provide you with cigarette box templates, printing process recommendations, and different box model sizes.

Our factory has various packaging machines to accomplish multiple printing processes, including hot stamping, UV, embossing, and holographic hot stamping.

Sample proofing is an essential part of developing new products for the cigarette case. Therefore, we can provide the following three different forms of prototype samples.

White prototype sample,when the customer has not decided on the final design and process details, we will provide an unprinted cigarette case to confirm the size and material. The lead time of the white sample is 3-5 days.

A Digital printing prototype, is a complete printing sample, allowing customers to view printing, process details, and dimensions. it will take 7-10 days to finish

Pre-production sample, the samples are is for customers to check the printing, process details, and dimensions of the mass production product.

Standard cigarette packs contain 20 cigarettes, and we are also capable of producing ten cigarette packs; wholesale cigarette packs can get low prices

Some Frequently Asked Questions About Cigarette Packaging

What is the name of the cigarette pack?

Cigarette packs are cigarette packaging boxes, also called a pack of cigarette boxes. These are small gift boxes made of 400 grams of paper board. Cigarette boxes are divided into a soft pack and a hard pack.

How much is a cigarette pack?

Cigarette packs are generally produced in bulk by machines. The minimum quantity of each size is 10,000, the price of cigarette packs of different sizes and design processes will vary. The unit price of mass production  ranges from $ 0.3 to $0.7

Cigarette packs are sold together with tobacco products, so they are not sold separately in the market. However,  in the cigarette pack collection world, some cigarette packs will be purchased by cigarette collectors at a price several times higher than the actual price.

Why are there 20 cigarettes in a pack?

There are many reasons for a pack of 20 cigarettes; It includes the susceptibility of tobacco to moisture and the smoking habits of smokers. However, from the perspective of packaging production, the 20-cigarette packaging box is the right size and more suitable for large-scale production.

Suppose the size of the cigarette box is too small for consumers to extract cigarettes smoothly; on the other hand, from an environmental protection point of view, the small package box will waste resources.

Putting in more cigarettes will induce consumers to smoke more cigarettes, which is undoubtedly harmful to consumers’ health. After all, cigarettes are harmful to health.

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