An Elegant Gift Box for Scented Candle Gift

We wrote an article talking about what a candle box is and how to prevent candles from being damaged during shipping. We also shared some ways to create a cost-effective candle box in the article on some packaging ideas for candles.

Today we are going to share a elegant gift box that is especially suitable for scented candle sets-shoulder candle box.

What is the Shoulder Box?

The shoulder box is a kind of gift box structure made of rigid boxes, shoulder gift box consists of two square bases with an internal tray in the middle, perfect for adding a touch to the candle’s uniqueness.

Four Different Styles of Shoulder Box

The shoulder box is available in four styles, and multiple style of shoulder box provides more possibilities to create a unique gift box

  • Hinged lid Shoulder Box
  • Lid-Off Shoulder Box
  • Shoulder Neck Box
  • Hinged lid Shoulder Neck Box

Shoulder boxes, also known as neck boxes, are named for their additional inner bottom.

The Benefits of Shoulder Candle Gift Box

The shoulder neck closure feature provides two closure effects: visible neck and invisible neck, whichever closure effect ensures that the box stays closed perfectly which is especially suitable for plastic sealing.

The double bottom of the shoulder box is very sturdy and provides stable protectuon for the candle packaging gift box.

Hinged-lid shoulder neck boxes have a unique appearance and aesthetic appeal,the hinged lid feature makes neck boxes standout from all other products in the surroundings and makes opening and closing of the box extremely easy.

Create a Beautiful Candle Gift Box

Wide Selection of Box Paper

Shoudler boxes made of the grey board are mounted with paper, there are many paper options to make rigid boxes, such as the artpaper , kraft paper , textured paper ,metallic paper,etc.

Printed Pattern and Logo on Candle Packaging Box

The shoulder gift box with a printed logo and pattern adds value to the packaging, and it is a good chance to build brand awareness. There are common two printing methods to print the gift box.

  • CMYK offset printing
  • Pantone offset printing

The logo is the important element of the candle packaging, there are three LOGO printing methods to print the logo on the gift box.

Multiple Coatings Options For Candle Box

The coating is the addtional film pasted on the paper, there are two coating options

  • Matte Lamination
  • Glossy Lamination

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