Some Packaging Knowledges About Custom Boutique Shopping Bags

Shopping bags are an essential part of the retail industry. People could get various shopping bags with logos when they shop in department stores, restaurants, coffee shops, or fast-food restaurants. The printed shopping bag is a gift bag with a logo made through offset printing, hot stamping, or screen printing. The customized boutique shopping bags are customized on-demand gift bags for clients.

This article tells you what kind of shopping bag is suitable for small businesses? How to customize cheap and beautiful boutique retail shopping bags?

The Different Styles Of Boutique Shopping Bags

According to the material and production process, boutique shopping bags can be roughly divided into designer shopping bags, retail shopping bags, kraft paper bags, and reusable shopping bags.

Designer shopping bags

Designer shopping bags are printed shopping bags for luxury goods. Producing paper bags involves four essential elements: paper bag design, material, handle, and craftsmanship. Making designer shopping bags have high requirements on paper bags’ shading, texture, printing, and production technology. In addition, the designer shopping bag contains profound corporate culture and characteristics and is a crucial way to demonstrate the uniqueness of a brand.

Branded shopping bags are the best packaging solution for light luxurious products because the shopping bag is going on according to high production standards; however, the production lead time and the price is higher than regular paper bags.

Retail Shopping Bags

Euro tote paper is the primary type of retail shopping bag, it is prevailing to use in cosmetics, clothing stores, jewelry shops, and restaurants, and they are are an excellent alternative to paper bags for light luxury products.

Kraft Paper Bags

Whether designer shopping bags, canvas tote bags, or retail shopping bags, they are all handmade; however, kraft paper bags could be produced by an automatic bag-making machine.

Machine-made shopping bags generally use 100-150 grams of kraft paper. Kraft shopping bags are suitable for printing brand names and are ideal for takeaway bags in coffee shops, snack bars, and various milk tea shops.

The kraft paper bag is cheap and is the ideal shopping bag for small businesses, but it is not feasible to carry heavy goods; because the paper bag has no reinforcement cardboard on the bottom.

Reusable shopping bags

Reusable shopping bags include non-woven bags, woven shopping bags, cloth tote bags. Canvas is a popular material for making reusable tote bags. The canvas is washable and very suitable for printing logos and patterns. Therefore, canvas tote bags are ideal packaging solutions for groceries and supermarket shopping bags.

Custom Printed Bags

What Kind of Shopping Bag is Suitable for Small Business?

For a small business, custom gift bags with logos is a worthwhile business to do, the shopping bag would spread your brand awareness to gain more potential customers, on the other hand, it is the first step to build up your brand influence.

A small business in the FMCG industry, kraft paper bags are a very suitable shopping bag, kraft paper bags are very suitable for printing, and they are cheap. But kraft paper bags are not suitable for heavy items.

For small businesses engaged in jewelry, beauty, and clothing, Euro tote bags will be a better choice for such small businesses. And reusable canvas bags are suitable for use in various important activities of small businesses, such as anniversaries.

How to Customize Cheap and Beautiful Boutique Retail Shopping Bags?

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