Paper for Gift Bags:  C1S Paper or C2S Paper

When the paper bag manufacturer asks if you need C1S paper bags or C2S paper to customize gift bags, you may want to look up at the picture above.

These custom paper bags in the picture are made of both CIS paper and C2S paper.

CIS Paper and C2S Paper

Most paper bags are made of either CIS or C2S paper. Here is a picture of C1S and C2S paper with the same weight.

At first glance, you can see that the colors of two pieces of papers are a little different. One piece of paper looks a bit like ivory white is C1S paper , C2S paper, however , it is whiter tha C1S paper.

The color difference between C1S paper and C2S paper is the easiest way to identify these two different types of paper.

Then , if you touch the two pieces of paper, you will feel that the C2S paper is softer.

Therefore, it is unnecessary for us to know the specific manufacturing process C1S and C2S papers, it is enough to understand that the two have obvious differences in appearance.

Using to Make Gift Bags:  C1S Paper or C2S Paper

We customize a variety of paper bags for customers, providing customers with suggestions on paper bag layout design, paper and logo craft selection.

We usually offer suggestions based on the customer’s paper bag printing design, customer preferences and paper bag size.

Paper Bag Printing Design

In the selection of paper bags, we will use more suitable paper according to the customer’s design. For example, when producing customized paper bags with logos, the brand logo often stands out through hot stamping or printing. We usually use C2S paper to help brands stand out more prominently

However, for gift bags designed with full printing, we can use both C1S paper and C2S paper.

C2S Paper Bag
C1S Paper Bag

We will also consider other factors to provide paper recommendations to customers, such as the carrying capacity of paper bags.

Customer Use Preferences

The slightly yellowish CIS paper looks natural and eco-friendly,and a paper gift bag made of C1S paper can create a warm feeling. The gift bag made of whiter C2S paper looks even more prominent.

The color difference between the C1S paper and C2S paper

The Sizes of Paper Bags

Generally speaking, the larger the size of shopping paper bags, the higher it is needed in load-bearing capacity. In terms of load-bearing capacity of paper, C1S paper is superior to C2S paper.

Meanwhile, CIS paper has better stiffness comparing to C2S paper.

 Paper Size :L18 x H12.5 x D6 inch CIS papaer
 Paper Size :L20 x H12 x D14 inch CIS papaer
Paper Size : L10 x H8 x4 inch C2S paper
Paper Size : L8 x H7 x3 inch C2S paper

So next time you chose the type of paper to make shopping bag,you consider the bag printing design, usage preferences, and size of the paper bag.

Whether the CIS pape or C2S pape, they are very suitable for making paper bags.

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