Cardboard Shoe Boxes is Ideal Packaging for Sneakers

When we talk about shoe boxes, what kind of shoeboxes appear in our minds? Is it a transparent plastic shoebox or a fancy printed cardboard shoe boxes? Plastic shoe boxes are clear sneaker storage boxes. When we go shopping, merchants often provide shoeboxes made of cardboard.

Why do we use a cardboard shoe box?

There are corrugated cardboard shoe boxes and hard, hard shoeboxes on the market. It is easy to print various patterns and elements, whether it is a corrugated cardboard shoebox or a cardboard shoebox.

With the rise of sneaker culture, more and more brands think it is an excellent way to attract their fans by embedding stories on sneakers boxes, meantime the printable of the cardboard shoe boxes has taken this critical task well.

Many companies will design unique sneakers boxes for their shoes to attract loyal fans.

NIKE’s cross-border joint projects have pushed AJ sneakers to the pinnacle of the trend world. In addition, NIKE has been continuously innovative in the design and structure of the shoe box.

Air Jordan 11 Space Jam

The shoebox of this Air Jordan 11 Space Jam includes multiple parts. First, the shoe box adds a coat to the outside of the traditional drawer, highlighting the overall design.

The graffiti font “23” from the Bugs Bunny theme version is printed on the front. The surface of the inner shoe box also has the words “45” and a blue starry sky pattern full of prints, echoing the theme.

Nike “SF-AF1 “For B “ltimore”

The pattern outside this shoebox is from the famous American cartoonist Ed Piskor. More importantly, a comic booklet is attached to the shoe box, which is very worthy of the comic book fan collection.

Adidas also launches a variety of new and creative shoe boxes.

In September 2019, Adidas co-branded “Drago” Ball” produced themed shoes. The shoeboxes in this series are very cool. These sneaker boxes use the eight characters of “Drago” Ball” as “sign elements, shoebox adopts a pull-out structure. In addition, a four-color pattern printed on the outside corresponds to the design printed on the inside.

Is the cardboard shoe box worth collecting? Are sneakers boxes valuable?

The shoe box is an integral part of each pair of shoes. It not only decorates the sneakers but also protects the shoes. Therefore, the particular version of the shoebox is undoubtedly worth collecting.

On eBay, a pair of ordinary empty shoeboxes can sell for as much as $30-50.

A shoebox for limited-edition sneakers, the price of an empty pair of sneakers can be as high as thousands of dollars, and players who like trendy shoes all hope to own a show wall; the pursuit of players has promoted the explosion of the shoe box market.

Some people who grab the original shoe box will sell it several times higher than the actual price and profit from it. Although the value of the shoe gift box itself is not high, for sneaker enthusiasts, the absence of a gift box means that this pair of shoes is incomplete. Therefore, those co-branded, limited-edition empty shoe boxes are still favored by the market.

In addition to the regular drawer style sneakers boxes, cardboard shoe boxes can also have various other styles.

Cardboard gift boxes are increasingly becoming a trend in shoe packaging

More and more shoe brands are paying attention to shoe packaging gift boxes, and they want to use more creative designs and shapes to attract customers’ attention.

Portable Round Shoe Box

When customers see this round shoe packaging box, they can’t help letting out a “wow.” Because there are few round shoe gift boxes on the market, this gift box adopts the design of a shoulder box, divided into an upper cover, a lower bottom, and inner lining cardboard. We use good-quality cardboard. The whole package is fancy and strong. Inside the gift box, a black sponge lining with a shoe-shaped groove can ideally put the shoes inside. We added a rope as a handle for consumers to carry.

Custom Shoe Boxes

Pink has always been the favorite color of girls. This customized pink women’s shoe packaging box creates a sweet, happy, and dreamy scene. The pink background is dotted with golden bronzing lines; girls can’t help but desire to buy.

Shoe Storage Boxes

Pink and gold are both eye-catching colors. Combining these two colors can quickly stand out from many conventional brown storage boxes.

Folding Gift Boxes For Shoe

Folding box packaging shoebox is a style of the packaging structure; this folding box structure is suitable for various shoe boxes, such as drawer boxes, magnet shoe boxes, etc. A folding box is a kind of assembled packaging box. For example, the gift box can consist of built-in magnets; its most significant advantage is reducing storage space and transportation costs.

Folding style packaging box is suitable for various printing processes, such as bronzing, UV, embossing, embossing, 3D effects, etc.

Better Package company customizes various cardboard shoe boxes and provides customers with creative design and production of shoe boxes.

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