Creative Ideas for Making Memorable Christmas Gift boxes

The Christmas season must be the happiest time of the year. People have the chance to reunite with their dear family and friends. Exchanging Christmas gifts is the kind of best way to celebrate the holidays. Each exquisite Christmas box filled with various presents doubles the happiness.

What Kind of Christmas Gift Box Is More Attractive?

1,The Christmas elements and patterns is necessary

Santa Claus, snowflakes, sleighs, wreaths, Christmas trees, bells, and reindeer are the main elements of Christmas. Packaging designers combine these elements and then use different printing techniques to create many fancy Christmas themed.

The gift box printed with Christmas elements and patterns will make the gift look more impressive, and will add more fun and joy to Christmas.

2,The Christmas gift boxes size should be varied.

The Christmas gift wish listing has become more extensive, it includes food, cosmetics, handicrafts, and all kinds of toys. People are not satisfied with a single gift anymore; and like combining different goods to form a diversified Christmas gift package, which requires making various sizes of Christmas gift boxes for customers.

3, The personalization of Christmas gift boxes is becoming more and more prominent

The packaging concept of the blind box is deeply loved by the public, not only for children but even adults who are fascinated by it. Therefore, implanting the idea of blind boxes into Christmas packaging gift boxes is also in line with the latest trends.

4. Ribbon decorations for Christmas gift boxes can add to the festive atmosphere

These decorations include ribbons, fillers, and wrapping paper. For example, we could make various bows with ribbon to decorate the outside of the gift box or make it into a handle. Shredded paper is a kind of soft filler with multiple colors. It can fill the gap between each gift to protect the product and decorate the space inside the gift box.

Some Boutique Gift Boxes for Christmas 2021

1.Portable Christmas Packaging Box

It is a Christmas-themed portable gift box; we use red paper straps as the handle, which is soft and sturdy. The top of the gift box is a buckle made of cardboard, which makes the gift box look like an exquisite handbag.

The gift box is matched with burgundy shredded paper inside, the colorful shredded paper can well decorate the inside of the gift box and protect the gift’s safety.

This Christmas paper boxes have two sizes, which can meet customers’ needs for packing gifts of different sizes.

  • small size is 19x7x13cm, it is especially suitable for small gifts, such as perfume, jewelry, candles, handicrafts, and the
  • large size is 28×9.5x21cm; the big gift box is accommodating to make a Christmas gift basket with an assortment of gifts.

2.Double Door Christmas Magnetic Gift Box

The magnetic closure gift box opens from both sides; the outside of the box is designed with some classic Christmas elements, such as Christmas trees, snowmen, bells, and snowflakes. The green ribbon ties a beautiful bow, with hot-stamped “Merry Christmas” and the Christmas tree.

  • Size 33x25x12cm; it is suitable for the combination of wine, food, cosmetics, and crafts.

3.Octagon red Christmas Box

The octagonal Christmas packaging box uses red textured paper which is premium paper to make gift boxes and shopping bags. The hot stamping “Merry Chrismas” text on the top of the box complements the golden border around it. The green bow with golden snowflakes glued to the upper left corner adds the Christmas holiday theme.

The Christmas gift box use the shoulder box style, which is one of the most popular box styles.

  • Size:17.5×17.5 10cm, suitable for holding small accessories and cosmetics.

4.Green Christmas Shoulder Box

Green is one of the theme colors of Christmas. It is a green Christmas shoulder box, using green paper as the background color.The text and patterns e made of gold hot stamping and UV technique together with middle gold frame further enhances the overall design.

  • Size is 26x21x10cm; the size is suitable for all kinds of gifts.

5.Creative Christmas Blind Box

At Christmas, the happiest people must be children because they can receive all kinds of gifts. The blind box is popular with both adults and children; the Christmas blind gift box includes six small blind boxes with different Christmas themes; the size of the blind box is 6.5×5.5x12cm, which can pack perfume, cosmetics, and various trendy Garage kids.

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