How to Choose Handles for Custom Paper Bag?

As we all know paper, printing, and handles are the three basic elements of making paper bags.

Handles used in gift bags come in many materials and structures, but how do you know which handle is best suited for your gift bags?

The handle plays a crucial role in the functionality of gift bags! It not only helps the shopping bag to carry things easily, but also enhances the appearance of the shopping bag.

This article introduces 9 prevailing handles used on boutique paper bags and lists four important considerations for choosing the handles

Handle Types for Paper Bags

The handles of paper bags are made of various materials, such as cotton,polyester, spandex, paper, leather, etc. So let’s take a look at the most popular types of paper bag handles.

Grosgrain Ribbon Handles

The grosgrain ribbon is one of the most popular handles type used in luxury paper shopping bags. The gift bags with ribbon handles have an elegant appearance, adding the luxurious to the gift bags.

It has a wide selection of colors, such as white, red, black, pink, yellow, burgundy, etc.The ribbon’s width ranges from 10mm to 60mm and is easy to print logo and pattern.

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Satin Ribbon Handles

Compared to grosgrain, the satin ribbon is softer and smoother, it has the same printable properties as the grosgrain ribbon. In terms of price, satin ribbons are a little higher than grosgrain ribbons.

There are also many color choices for the satin handles.

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Cotton Ribbon Handles

The woven ribbon made of 100% cotton is very tightly and durable. The cotton thread can be dyed in various colors, and it is also suitable for screen printing text and patterns.

The width of the webbing used on the gift bag is mainly 10mm, 20mm, and 25mm. The gift bags with cotton handle is very strong and beautiful.

The cotton ribbons are accessible to have plain cotton ribbon and twill cotton ribbon.

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Polyester Twisted Rope Handle

Polyester twisted rope is another common handle used in paper gift bags, it is accessible to have metallic colors, such as gold and silver color. Its diameter could be 7mm and 10mm

The twisted rope used in the paper bag is often with a plastic or metal head, like in the above image.

Macrame Cotton Cord Handles

The macrame cord made of 100% cotton is the favorite handle material used in euro tote shopping bags. The cord diameter ranges from 6mm to 10mm, and the macrame cord has two styles: core-spun and non-core-spun.

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Macrame Polyester Cord Handles

The polyester cord is the favored handle type used in cost-effective paper gift bags. There are also two options to choose from core-spun and non-core-spun.

It is possible to customize polyester cords in other colors, for example, blue, red, coffee, and brown.

Twisted Paper Handles

The twisted paper handle is the regular handles type used in the kraft paper bags, it is made from eco-friendly paper and is accesible to have white color ,black,burgundy ,pink and etc.

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Paper Macrame Rope Handles

The paper macrame cord is braided by 8 or 10 paper strings. It is thick and strong. Paper rope is an eco-friendly handle and is perfect for a kraft euro tote shopping bag. Although it is used a few at present, the eco-friendly and delicate paper rope will be the prevailing handle in the future.

Besides the paper rope, there are others premium paper cords for kraft shopping bags.

Paper Sliced Straps Handles

The paper handle is a kind of paper webbing formed by connecting multiple strings glued to each other. It is strong and durable.The stardard color is white and black .

The paper gift bag with paper sliced straps handles often use grommet to reinforce the handle .

How to Choose Handles for Your Paper Bag?

There are so many amazing handle options for gift bags that it is a little difficult to decide on the handles.

What kind of handle do enterprises choose for customized gift bags? Is it the choice of delicate printable ribbons, cotton ropes, or eco-friendly paper ropes?

Merchants need to carefully consider many factors, the following are some of the factors we think should be considered when choosing a handle for paper bags.

Suitable for Your Gift Bag Styles

There are various styles of paper bags, and they have their conventional standard regarding handle style used. In gift paper bags, there are four prevailing gift styles as follows.

  • Kraft paper bag
  • Euro paper bags for retail
  • Designer paper shopping bags

As far as kraft paper shopping bags are concerned, the preferred options for handle styles are paper twist handles, or cotton/polyester cords.Kraft shopping bags focus on eco-friendly and affordable handle

Euro shopping bags are a favorite style of retail shopping bags and are widely used in cosmetic, clothing, and jewelry stores. The handles structure in euro tote paper bags is often 4 knot-out, Therefore, core and rope handles are commonly used in euro paper gift bags.

However, the handles in designer paper shopping bags will be more diverse. In addition to using the cotton polyester ribbons, polyester cords, and cotton cords we mentioned, designer shopping bags also use some novel and unique handles such as velvet straps, leather straps, etc.

Choosing handles that suitable for paper bag style not only solves some potential risks on bags structure but help your paper bag be more acceptable.

Know the Cost Difference Between Handles

Whether you are a large or small company, product cost is still an important factor in decision making

The impact of paper bag handles on the price is not only the cost difference between various styles of handles but also the different production costs caused by the structures of the handles.

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Competitive Analysis on Handles

Analyzing the handles of competitor shopping bags can help you choose a handle style quickly and accurately. Through competitive analysis, you can learn from each other’s strengths to avoid the opponent’s shortcomings.

It is easier to make differentiated competition and discover industry trends.

Work with Experienced Manufacturer

An experienced manufacturer can help you a lot, providing the structural layout of the shopping bag, the proofing of the bags handles, the testing of the paper bags, and the monitoring of the production quality.

Professional manufacturers who have been in the packaging industry for many years are proficient in the process of paper bags and the material of the handle, and at the same time, they are very familiar with the industry trends and the application of new technologies and new materials in gift shopping bag.

Working with a professional manufacturer allows you to save money and avoid a lot of risk.

If you are looking for a custom paper bag with handles, feel free to contact Better Package.


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