Five Basic Rigid Box Styles for Luxury Gift Boxes

The luxury gift box is one of the important parts of luxurious products. It help brands play an important role in perceived value grab consumers’ eye touch and their interest, and even builds trust and recognition of the brand.

Innovative and unique luxury packaging box even sparks discussion.

However, it could take a lot of work and effort to create an excellent luxury packaging box. It starts from the conception and completion of the packaging design, gift box structural design and testing, the production process design and experimentation, logistics delivery, and till to the physical store display。

Today, we share with you some styles of packaging gift boxes suitable for luxury goods to help you quickly find the type of box you want.

What are Luxury Gift Boxes?

The definition of a box is extremely broad. Product packaging containers made of different materials (paper, rigid board, corrugated board wood, plastic, tin, etc.) can be called gift boxes.

The luxury gift box we talked about here is the product packaging made of rigid board ranging from 2mm to 4mm.

The luxury rigid boxes have the characteristics of diverse structures, high-quality printing, and high-end craftsmanship, which not only provide more reliable protection to the product but also add added additional value to the luxury products.

Five Basic Rigid Box Styles for Luxury Packaging

There are various styles of luxury packaging boxes on the market, and sometimes it may be difficult to decide which style to choose.

We have summarized 5 basic gift box styles in many packaging gift boxes. Understanding these basic styles can help you solve the design problem of gift box style structure.

Shoulder Boxes

The shoulder box is a gift box with a double-layer base, the height of the inner layer is higher than the outer to close the box perfectly, The double-layer base is also well-supportive to the box. The shoulder box has another name – the neck gift box.

See more examples of the customized shoulder box.

Magnetic Boxes

The magnetic boxes are equipped with a magnetic cover to ensure a perfect seal. In addition, the gift box with magnetic closure could evolve into many other styles fulfilling the customer’s diverse and unique packaging needs.

See more examples of the customized magnetic boxes.

Drawer Boxes 

The drawer box packaging is a gift box that slides out through the installed ribbon handle; it consists of two separate parts, a sleeve and an inner base. Sliding boxes are the ideal packaging solution for shoes, cosmetics, and clothes.

See  more examples of the customized drawer gift boxes.

Foldable Boxes 

The folding gift box is a self-assembled box style; the box is flat shipping, which saves transportation costs a lot, and prevents the package from being damaged during transportation. Therefore, folding gift boxes are an ideal packaging solution for large products.

See more examples of the customized foldable Boxes

Lid and Base Boxes 

Lid and Base boxes are simple and classic box style.It consists of two parts, a cover, and a bottom, and is the favorite box used by e-commerce because of their low price and fast turnaround.

See more examples of the customized Lid and Base Boxes

The Advantages of Luxury Rigid Boxes

These 5 basic gift boxes have the following four  outstanding advantages:

1) Numerous other styles of gift boxes – Using these 5 basic box types, it is easy to create more other styles of gift boxes, such as double-layer gift boxes and double-door gift boxes.

2) Infinite shapes – The gray board is a very easy-to-shape material, which can be made into square, heart, round, and even special shapes, providing unlimited space for packaging designers to create unique packaging designs.

3)Provide much reliable protection to the product The thickness of rigid board for making luxury packaging boxes is between 2mm and 4mm. I guarantees the reliability of product quality.

3) Superior Printing Process-The luxurious gift box allows the use of various advanced printing processes.

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Examples of Luxury Gift Boxes

The gift box designed for Valentine’s Day is improved based on the regular magnet gift box style.

The pink paper is a specialty paper with a leathery texture. The pink color and embossed texture are custom-made.

Pink is a very easy to fade color, so it is very important to add lightfastness to increase its lightfastness during the dyeing process.

Pink paper and pink handles are a perfect match.

This gift box for hair care products is a heart-shaped double-door magnet box.

The production of irregular gift boxes is all manual. The structural engineers have made numerous modifications to the paper die-cutting line, conducted numerous tests, and finally reached an ideal die-cut.

This gift shaver box adapts lid and base box style.

Like other gadgets, shavers have some accessories, such as adapters, replacement blades, cleaning tools, and instructions.

The packaging inserts divides the box into upper and lower layers, the upper part is to place products, and the bottom space is to store accessories.

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