Five Beautiful Box Styles for Ring Jewelry Box

A ring is a piece of jewelry often worn in everyday life, whether meaningful engagement rings and wedding rings or rings worn for fashion or styling purposes.

Rings are one of the essential accessories in fashion matching. The article shows your five fashion and beautiful box style for jewelry rings. We hope you can find some boxes style that suits your jewelry lines.

1,Base and Lid Box for Ring

It is one of the most classic gift box styles. When we talk about gift box styles, this box type should be the first style that comes to mind. The box consists of two parts, a lid and a base. Many jewelry brands opt for this box for their ring packaging.

 2,Shoulder Box for Ring

The shoulder-style box is a premium version of the lid and base box. The jewelry box consists of two square bases with a gap in the middle, perfect for adding a touch of uniqueness to your jewelry.

3,Drawer Box for Ring

The drawer box is a sliding open box; the sliding box style creates a practical and secure packaging for jewelry. In addition, the box is equipped with a ribbon handle for easy pull to open, adding to the box’s elegance.

4,Magnetic Box for Ring

The box is equipped with a magnetic cover that ensures the perfect sealing of the packaging and the interlocking construction. It is estimated that 40% percent of gift packaging boxes use the magnetic lid box structure, so it is one of most favorite packaging styles.

5,Packaging Sleeves Box for Ring

Some packaging boxes have complete sleeves, some have partial sleeves, and the partial sleeves are also called waist seals, mainly used for decoration. In addition, the sliding sleeve covers the box are available in many fine papers.

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