Guide to Custom Gift Boxes

Product packaging plays a significant role in modern business. Many brands rely on the creativity of product gift boxes to do advertising and marketing to maximize packaging value.

Whether it is a gift box customized for new products, a gift box customized for business, or a gift box customized for festivals, exquisite and novel gift boxes always are favored by shoppers and spread quickly.

How to customize an affordable and unique gift box is extremely challenging; it requires a combination of gift box styles and printing techniques to achieve the purpose of branding and product marketing.

Select the Gift Box Styles

The gift box styles are numerous, dazzling, and hard for us to decide. There are five basic box styles: magnetic boxes, shoulder boxes, drawer boxes, gift boxes with lids,s and folding boxes. These five basic box types can create in hundreds of different styles.

Magnetic Boxes

The magnetic boxes are equipped with a magnetic cover to ensure a perfect seal. In addition, the gift box with magnetic closure could evolve into many other styles fulfilling the customer’s diverse and unique packaging needs.

Shoulder Boxes

The shoulder box is an advanced lid and bottom style; it consists of three parts: the top, base, and an additional inner base. The internal base is higher than the outer base, adding uniqueness to the box.

Drawer Boxes

The drawer box packaging is a gift box that slides out through the installed ribbon handle; it consists of two separate parts, a sleeve and an inner base. Sliding boxes are the ideal packaging solution for shoes, cosmetics, and clothes.

Gift Boxes with Lids

Gift boxes with lids are simple and classic box style; it consists of two parts, a cover and a bottom, and is the favorite box used by e-commerce because of their low price and fast turnaround.

Foldable Boxes

The folding gift box is a self-assembled box style; the box is flat shipping, which saves transportation costs a lot, and prevents the package from being damaged during transportation. Therefore, folding gift boxes are an ideal packaging solution for large boutique products.

Custom Gift Boxes with Logo

The gift box has the function of advertising and marketing, besides the primary function of providing physical protection to the product; only the printed packaging box can maximize the packaging value.

The printed gift box builds a bridge between the brand and the consumer, the product and the shopper. Connect with buyers and communicate the character of your product with graphics and text on the packaging.

The printed gift box can output the brand image more effectively and increase the brand’s recognition.

Four Common Types of Printing for Gift Boxes

The four mainstream gift printing methods are flexo printing, offset printing, digital printing, and silk screen printing. Check how to print on corrugated boxes to learn about the specific introduction of these four printing methods.

In the production of gift box printing, offset printing is the preferred printing method because of its good printing performance and excellent production efficiency.

  • The printing is rich in color and has a sense of hierarchy
  • Suitable for printing on all kinds of paper and special paper
  • Excellent production speed is ideal for fast turnaround needs

Four Printing Methods of Gift Box LOGO

LOGO is a very important element in packaging design. There are some additional special printing techniques on the logo to make the customized gift box unique. Check out the best printing methods on logos to understand the processing methods and characteristics of the main four printing on logos.

  • Hot foil stamping
  • Embossing/debossing
  • Spot UV
  • Screen

Custom Gift Boxes for Candles

Candles are a very practical gift option; people can use them for housewarmings, weddings, New Year’s, and other holiday gifts. The article “Some Packaging Ideas On Candle” introduces the different styles and materials of candle packaging boxes and how to prevent the candle from being damaged in transit.

Candle Packaging Box of Scented Candle Set

Scented candles are becoming more and more popular with shoppers, and the scent is the most critical factor in buying candles. Different scents have unique effects. Scented candle sets can meet the diverse needs of consumers.

Candle Packaging Box of Single Candle

black candle boxes

The candle boxes feature a shoulder box design that will give even more value to the beauty of your candle. The candle boxes are made of grayboard and wrapped in black dyed paper. The white color hot foil stamping logo gives candle boxes timeless elegance.

Custom Gift Boxes for Jewelry

Jewelry plays an important role in people’s daily wear. Small accessories like earrings and rings can add the finishing touch to our outfits, and exquisite jewelry packaging can increase the fun of shopping for customers and improve the happiness in the unboxing experience.

Velvet Jewelry Gift Boxes

Velvet is very suitable for making fine jewelry gift boxes in luxury jewelry packaging. Velvet is a soft fabric and is available to print logos. In addition, the velvet jewelry boxes have a wide size choice of all kinds of jewelry, such as rings, earrings, and necklaces.

Jewelry Gift Boxes of Earring

The earring box made of the greyboard uses the classic box style – a gift box with a lid. The box is wrapped in white pearlized paper with a hot-stamped LOGO in gold color.

Jewelry Gift Boxes of Necklace

This necklace box covered by velvet cloth is extra elegant and sophisticated; the gold lock on the front ensures security and gives the jewelry box a timeless elegance. The lining with groove is perfect for holding the necklace.

Custom Gift Boxes for Chocolate

Chocolate is a food suitable for all ages, and the chocolate packaging box is simple in style, focusing on practicality. Like most food packaging boxes, there are many compartments inside the chocolate gift box. These small compartments can be made of gray board or plastic.

Custom Gift Boxes for Christmas

Christmas must be the happiest time of the year. People have the opportunity to reunite with family and friends and celebrate the holiday by exchanging gifts. The joy is multiplied with each beautiful Christmas gift box filled with various presents.

The Christmas gift box uses red paper straps as the handle. An additional buckle made of cardboard makes the gift box look like an exquisite handbag.

People Also Ask These Questions About Custom Gift Boxes

Q: Can I get a Sample?

A: Absolutely, some jewelry gift boxes are available in stock.

Q: How Long Does a Custom Gift Box Take?

A: The time required to customize the gift box will vary according to the box style and printing process; we often send samples out within ten days.

Q: Can You deliver Boxes to the Door?

A: Sure, we provide a home delivery service

Q: How much do Custom Gift Boxes Cost?

A: It depends a lot on your budget and quantity; we are committed to providing the best gift box solution within the customer’s budget. Bulk custom gift boxes are to spend between $0.5 to $3

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