Hot Foil Stamping in Custom Packaging

Hofoil stamping is the commonvprinting method in retail packaging.The gorgeous and metallic graphics create eye-catching visuals, elevate packaging and add a touch of luxury to your designs.

Today we talk about the foil stamping in custom packaging, the type of the hot stamping, the cost of the hot foil stamping, foil stamping vs.metallic printing, foil stamping vs. embossing ,and hot stamping Vs. cold stamping.

What is Hot Stamping?

Hot stamping is a print-finishing method in packaging technology. It transfers colored aluminum foil to paper, cloth,leather and other substrate through a heated metal dies to create patterns and text with unique glossy, metallic, diffractive, and tactile effects.

Aluminum foil has a wide selection of colors and tactile effects.

Gold and silver are the two prevailing foils, there are also other colors and special foils such as semi-transparent foil, holographic foil, and pearlescent foils.

The stamping technique is widely used in a variety of printed products, such as shopping bags, ribbons, labels, greeting cards, posters, brochures, and gift boxes.

Types of Hot Stamping Printing

There are two types of the foil stamping printing

Flat Hot Foil Stamping

Flat hot stamping is a common type of hot stamping, it has no sense of a relief effect.

Embossed Hot Foil Stamping

Embossed hot stamping is to use an embossed die to achieve foil stamping and relief effects at one time.

The Cost of the Hot Stamping

The foil stamping is suitable for a variety of substrate,it is strong adhesion and durability and suitable for overprinting.

The stamping process uses following equipment and materials: stamping machinery, stamping dies, and aluminum foil.

Stamping Machinery

Stamping machines include flat-flat foil machines, round-flat hot stamping machines, and round-round stamping machines

Stamping Dies

Dies are usually made of metal, such as zinc and copper. The zinc dies plate is suitable for flat hot stamping, and the copper plate is suitable for embossed hot stamping.

Stamping Foils

The stamping foil is available in a number of different colors,such as gold, silver, black, blue, and bronze, it has various special effects,such as holographic foil, pearlescent foil, and semi-transparent.

The area of hot stamping determine the cost of hot stamping. 

In general, the larger the area, the higher the cost of hot stamping, and the cost of embossed hot stamping is higher than that of flat hot stamping.

Hot Stamping Vs. Metallic Printing

Metallic printing is a printing method that adds metallic ink during the printing to create the metallic effect .

During the printing process, metallic color is usually based on the Pantone metallics swatch, showing  655 metallics for printing and packaging in Pantone GG1507A.

The following sheet lists the difference between hot stamping and metallic printing

Hot Foil Stamping Metallic Printing
SubstrateAppropriate for a large variety of substrates,such as fabric,paper, glass, plastic Appropriate for paper and plastic
Metallic color No.A wide range of hot stamping colors and effects, such as gold silver, white, black bronze, etc, glossy and matte effects.655 metallic color swatches for printing
Metallic lustrousHigh gloss effectsRelatively weak
TypeFlat & reliefsFlat
Applicationworks great for precise text,defined patterns in small areaslarge areas,full coverage printing
Ink Usagewihout inkmetallic ink
Production CostA little higherCost-effective compared to the hot foil stamping

Hot Stamping Vs. Embossing

The process of embossing is the same as process of embossed hot stamping, the main difference is that embossing does not require stamping foil.

3D relief finish

Hot Stamping Vs. Cold Stamping

Cold stamping is another kind of printing process technology, the process can be broken down into two steps

The first tep is to print UV glue on the substrate

The second step is to compound the substrate material with aluminum foil, and then through ultraviolet radiation, the color of the aluminum foil layer is transferred to the substrate to create a gorgeous stamping effect.

The reason why it is called cold stamping (cold transfer) is that it does not require heating, which is different from traditional hot stamping.

Hot Stamping in Custom Packaging

Hot Stamping Box

Hot stamping creates premium shinny gold effects on gift box,it is appropriate for texture paper.

In contrast to other printing methods ,the stamping foil produces stunning metallic gloss.

Hot Stamping Gift Bag

The luxury gift bag combines the process of bronze metallic printing and bronzed metallic stamping together.The printing pattern on the gusset is metallic printing , and the logo and brand name is done by hot foil stamping .

Hot Stamping Ribbon

Hot stamping is a common printing technique in printed ribbons, and all kinds of personalized ribbons prefer hot stamping. Printed ribbons with stamping logos are suitable for various occasions and purposes.

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