How to add Handles to Paper Bags?

In the article How to Choose Handles for Custom Paper Bag? We talked about some handle types used in custom paper bags and some important factors influencing handle selections.

Yet, do you know how many ways to put handles in paper bags? What kind of way of adding the handle is more popular?

Today we share some different structures of adding handles to paper bags. Help you understand the practices and uses of different handle structures。

Structures of Adding Handles to Paper Bags 

The structure of the handle is the way to add a handle to the handbag. As we all know, paper, printing, and handle are the three basic elements of custom paper bags. Meanwhile, the paper bag handle options include handle material, style, and handle structure.

The structure of the handle affects the appearance of the paper bag and the cost of making the paper bag.

At present, the four popular ways to add handles in gift paper bags are pasted handles, knotted handles, handles with head,  grommet handles, and premium handle construction.

Pasted Handles

The handles are directly pasted to the inside of the paper bag, and the handles styles such as paper twisted handle and flat handle all adopt this way to add in the gift bags.

This handle structure is simple and affordable, so it is often used in kraft paper shopping bags.

Knotted Handles 

The knotted handle is the most typical way of adding a handle to a Euro tote bag. The rope is passed through the 4 holes at the top and finished with knotted.

Knotted handles are suitable for various handle styles, in addition to the common cotton rope, PP rope, the grosgrain, and satin ribbon are also suitable for knotting.

Shopping bags with knotted handles are durable and strong.

Handles with Head-end   

The handle with the head-end is to install a plastic head or metal head on both ends of the handle. It prevents the threat of the rope from unraveling, making the rope look more beautiful.

This kind of handle structure is suitable for both ropes and ribbons.

Handles with Grommet 

The grommets are generally used together with a paper slice strap, it both strengthens the handle and makes the paper bag more elegant. 

The color of the grommet can be black, silver, or white.

Premium Handles Construction

Assuming you need to customize some unique luxury paper bags, here are two more options for high-end handle constructions

Edda Handles Construction 

It is a way to insert the handle from the top of the paper bag. The handle of this structure is fixed in the middle between the turn over top of the paper bag, so the handle is very strong and also adds a subtle difference and elegance to the shopping bag。

The cotton strap, grosgrain ribbon, and satin ribbon all are suitable for  Edda’s handle construction.

Tonela Handles Construction 

It is similar in construction to the edda, the main difference is that it inserts the handle from the inside of the flap of the paper bag.

This handle structure can be applied to a variety of handle styles, both cords, and ribbons, adding fashion quality and functionality to the shopping bag.

Questions About Custom Handle Paper Bags

How to Reinforce the Handle of the Paper Bags?

The durability and firmness of the handle are very important for the paper bag. We usually add a gray board in the turn over top of the paper bag to strengthen the handle.

What Kind of Handles can be Used in Paper Gift Bags?

There are many choices of handles for shopping bags, ropes, cords, and ribbons with various materials.

Check How to Choose Handles for Custom Paper Bag, we provide 9 popular handle styles and materials for paper bags.

How to Customize Paper Bags?

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