How to Custom Cosmetic Packaging Boxes

The primary categories of cosmetics are personal skincare, makeup, fragrance, and shampoo. the cosmetics are to improve people’s appearance and delight people’s moods.

Cosmetic packaging has been a booming industry for more than ten years. Cosmetics packaging is a combination of trend, fashion, and technological innovation, which is functional, environmentally friendly, and luxurious. customizes packaging boxes for skincare, makeup, and fragrance, from box structure design, printing technique, and box sample proofing to final delivery.

Let’s talk abou how to customize beautiful,functional and appropriate cosmetic gift boxes for your brand

Materials for Custom Beauty Packaging Boxes 

Green packaging is the current mainstream trend of cosmetic packaging, which not only requires us to use recyclable packaging materials but also to eliminate excessive and unnecessary packaging elements.

Before we start customizing the beauty box, it is necessary to figure out what kind of cosmetic products are put in boxes, and it determines what packaging material we should use.

Our goal is to find the optimum packaging solution for cosmetics rather than the most expensive packaging

Material for Skincare Packaging Boxes

Skincare products often refer to daily personal beauty and skin care products, including creams, lotions, eye creams, mask, essences oils, and other beauty products.
Skin care product packaging boxes are mainly made of durable and sturdy cardboard weight ranging from 300g to 400g.

  • SBS paperboard
  • Metallic paperboard
  • Kraft cardboard
  • Dyed Speciality cardboard
  • Textured cardboard

Material for Cosmetic Gift Set 

A cosmetic set gift box is a gift box of a collection of various skin care products. The set gift box is usually made of gray hardboard, which is feasible to be various structures and shapes and can create more novel packaging gift boxes.

The cosmetic gift set easily elevate the box level and create a wonderful shopping experience for cosmetics. 

  • heart shaped gift box
  • Octagonal Gift Box
  • Double door gift box
  • round gift box

Printing Options on Custom Cosmetic Box Packaging  

Cosmetic packaging pays special attention to packaging aesthetics. It has been leading the upgrade and innovation of printing technologies, processes, and packaging equipment, and the continuous innovation of printing technology adds value to cosmetic packaging.

Hot foil Stamping on Makeup packaging box

Hot stamping is a printing technique of heating metal foil through a heated metal plate to print metallic patterns and text on paper, cloth, or leather.

The foil is available in various color ,such a white,gold,black,copper,rose gold,etc.

Spot UV on Beauty Packaging Boxes

Spot UV is to add a transparent and glossy coating to a specific part, such as a logo or pattern of packaging. The logo pattern with UV coating has a shiny and raised effect of increasing the variety of packaging designs to attract customers and increase brand awareness.

Embossing and Dembossing on Cosmetic Packaging Boxes

Embossing is to make logos and patterns stand out upward , and it is often used with foil stamping to create a luxurious, elegant feel to the packaging.

Several printing processes combine into the cosmetic design to create a pleasing, unique, and stunning printing effect.

Packaging Inserts for Cosmetic Boxes 

Packaging inserts are important accessories for cosmetic boxes, first of all, the packaging inserts of cosmetics can effectively prevent cosmetics from being damaged during transportation, and on the other hand, the printed inserts can beautify the gift box and enhance the customer’s unpacking experience.

The packaging inserts for cosmetic boxes are available in different material options.

Cardboard Inserts for Beauty boxes 

The cardboard tray insert is an environmentally friendly and recyclable packaging insert. There are two materials are commonly used to make cardboard inserts

  • Corrugated cardboard,
  • Rigid board.

The cardboard insert allows for printing, hot foil printing, and other printing finishes to beautify your packaging.

Packaging Foam Inserts for Beauty Gift Boxes

Packaging foam inserts are the most commonly used material in gift box packaging. The main materials of foam packaging inserts of the gift box are EPE, EVA and PU

Plastic Tray Inserts for Cosmetic Gift Boxes

Thermoformed packaging insert trays have precise molding size and can provide better protection for the product. Now the main materials for producing plastic trays are PVC, PET, and PS.

Crinkle Shredded Paper fill for Skincare Subscription Boxes

Crinkle shredded paper is colorful, soft and eco-friendly paper, it is good filling for skincare subscription box, the crinkle shredded paper are available in many color and width.

Example Inspiration of the Gift Box for Cosmetic

The gift boxes for the cosmetic gift box are available in various style , here are the 6 basic box style for making cosmetic gift boxes

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