Candle Packaging Ideas-How to Custom Ideal Candle Boxes?

In today’s business, it is difficult for a product without packaging to have a good sales performance, the product packaging plays a crucial role in the retail business.

First of all, the produdts packaging provides a good physical protection function to prevent it from being damaged during transportation, especially with the rise of e-commerce, the demand for shipping boxes is getting higher and higher.

Secondly, product packaging contributes to brand building and increases brand recognition. Product homogeneity is becoming more and more serious, whereas product packaging may a niche point to stand out from other competitors.

Finally, customized packaging adds value to the product. It doesn’t need to cost much money but can give consumers a super-value shopping experience.

How to Custom Your Ideal Candle Boxes?

We believe that the ideal packaging should coincide with the business current business goals and the expenses that target customers can afford. A packaging box that provides effective protection for candles, is loved by customers, and contributes to the sales increase, isn’t it the best packaging box?

Whether you are a start-up company in the candle business or a brand that needs to improve candle packaging, you need to understand some basics and considerations for custom candle packaging.

Let’s take a look at how to customize an ideal candle packaging product for your business.

Determine Packaging Budget

It is not feasible to discuss the candle packaging without a budget.

Candle merchants know well the cost of candles. There is also a wide selection of candle packaging styles and types, ranging from economy to luxury and high-end packaging.

The first principle of custom packaging is that packaging is for the product, and the product always takes precedence over its packaging.

The price of those complicated packaging structures and fancy-designed gift boxes may be higher than the value of candles, which not only causes a waste of resources but also causes some unnecessary expenses to consumers.

Designing and producing suitable, sustainable gift boxes is the mission of a packaging manufacturer. Responsible packaging manufacturers will provide the best product packaging solutions according to the clients’s budget.

Determine Sales Channels and Business Methods

At present, there are more sales channels than before. In addition to the traditional physical stores sale channel, there are some other channels, such as Amazon, Shopify, Esty , and Walmart as the main platform for e-commerce marketplace.

The third channel is the social sales channel., mainly dominated by Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, and Pinterest.

These sale channels have a difference between operation and cost,and may have special requirements for packaging.

Enterprises need to provide multiple packaging options for multiple channels, creating more benefits for enterprises and allowing consumers to gain more value.

Packaging Differentiation

In the current diversified business model, the shopping experience of customers is becoming more and more important. How to give customers the best shopping experience requires companies to have keen insight and effort. Packaging affects the consumer shopping experience during product delivery and unboxing. 

Packaging differentiation can impress customers, outperform competitors, and help build brand loyalty.

The 4 Most Common Candle Boxes for Business

Once we understand these points mentioned earlier, then we start customizing the candle box.

What material is best for candles? How many packaging type for candle packaging ?

Box for Candle Tumbler

The tumbler jar is one of the most favorite containers for the candle. Here are some packaging box options suitable to pack the candle tumbler.

Chipboard boxes are the most regular box type provided by packaging manufacturers. The chipboard used in the candle box is the coated/uncoatedSBS paperboard with weight ranging from 16pt to 24 pt.

The chipboard box is easy to customize in size and design, cost-effective, and simple in structure. However, the firmness of the particleboard candle box is not good enough.

A Paper tube is cylindrical packaging made of cardboard, the cardboard is available in white and brown colors with a diameter ranging from 40 mm to 260mm. The wide selection of the diameter can match the candles of various volumes and size .

A corrugated candle box is made of multi-layer corrugated board, suitable for internal and external printing, low weight, high stacking, and especially suitable for the candle shipping box.

Luxury Candle Packaging Boxes

The luxury candle gift box is a printed gift box made of rigid board, which provides enough firm for the candles. The luxury candle packaging box is suitable for fully customized in packaging type and shape according to the customer’s requirements.

Explore more amazing box style for luxury gift boxes.

Candle Shipping Box

As we mentioned at the beginning, due to the rise of e-commerce, product delivery has become an important part of consumers’ shopping process, and product delivery may directly affect consumers’ shopping experience.

You need to package your products perfectly to deliver safely to customers’ doorsteps.So, businesses need to make sure that the candle shipping boxes are sturdy and attractive enough.

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Candle Subscription Boxes

Subscription services are increasingly becoming another competitive front for brands. Various subscription boxes can promote repeat purchases by consumers, increasing customer loyalty and brand dependence.

Subscription boxes are also part of a steady stream of revenue for businesses. Many candle brands and wholesalers also launch a variety of unique subscription candle boxes。

Examples of Customized Candle Boxes

Paper Tube Candle Box

The packaging box of the candle tumbler adopts the paper tube packaging type.The outer paper printed with a pattern and logo is 150 grams of coated paper, which is a kind of common paper used in gift boxes.

Explore more Examples of Paper Tube Packaging Used.

Shoulder Candle Box

The shoulder box is an advanced lid and bottom type; it consists of three parts: the top, base, and an additional inner base. 

The internal base is higher than the outer base, adding uniqueness to the box. You can either leave the neck partially exposed or not at all.

Shoulder boxes could be called neck gift boxes, or shoulder neck rigid boxes. It is especially suitable for high-end packaging.

Corrugated Candle subscription Box

Candle subscription boxes are gift boxes made of corrugated cardboard, which is lightweight and strong.This candle subscription box comes in three different sizes to match the corresponding subscription service.

It is easy to print designs and logos on the outside and inside of the box.

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