How to Make a Paper Bag

Making handmade paper bags for occasions like Christmas, birthdays, Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day isn’t just fun, it also allows the gift giver to show off their creativity.

Transform a plain piece of paper into a carefully crafted gift bag, decorated with special themes and paintings to add specialness and a personal touch to the gift.

We tell you how to make a custom-sized paper bag tailored to your specific needs. Whether a small paper bag that fits a small gift or a larger paper bag that requires a large capacity.

We can use a very practical tool – a paper bag layout, it is very useful to make paper bags of various sizes.

What is the paper bag layout?

The layout of the paper bag is the paper bag template, and the paper bag is folded into a paper bag according to the template. It typically includes the following basic information.

1. Dimensions:  Indicating the length, width, and depth of the paper bag, this constitutes fundamental size information.

2. Cutline: This marks the outer boundary line of the paper bag.

3. Crease Line: Representing the inner fold line, this guides the folding process of the paper bag

The following is the picture of a common paper bag template.

Learn More about the Paper Bag Layout

The paper bag template consists of three sections: the top, the body, and the top.

These sections are differentiated by the use of gray, pink, and yellow colors in the below picture

Top Section:

The upper portion typically has a height of 40mm. This area is to add the handle.

Body Section:

It is the central region of the paper bag. Logos, slogans, and graphics are commonly featured in this section to enhance brand identity.

Bottom Section:

The lower part is the bottom of the paper bag

Guide to DIY Paper Bag

Step1: Preparation of Tools and Paper

The tools for making paper bags are relatively simple, including a ruler, a knife, a pen, a roll of double-sided tape, a hole puncher, and a ribbon.

The paper can be flower wrapping paper or decorative paper.

Step 2: Cut Paper

Suppose we need to make a paper bag of size 16x19x8cm, we need to cut a piece of paper 50cm long and 29cm wide.

Step 3: Draw Different Areas of the Paper Bag

Draw different areas according to the size of the paper bag you need. You can easily calculate the area using the previous paper bag layout tool.

Step4: Fold all the Crease lines

These crease lines are very critical, they help you quickly fold a paper bag of the size you want.Once we have drawn these lines, we need to fold all of these creased lines.

This step is very critical, it helps you quickly fold a paper bag of the size you want.

Step5: Glue the Bag and the Bottom

Use double-sided tape to stick the paper bag together, and then stand the paper bag as shown in the picture.

Then push the left and right creases of the bag inward towards the inside of the bag.

Step6: Fold the Top and Add the Handle

Once the bottom is finished, we need to fold the upper section inward to give it the thickness of double-sided paper. This step strengthens the sturdy of the paper bag.

Next, we use a hole-punching tool to create two holes with a diameter of 6mm on the top.

Finally, we thread two ribbons through the holes and tie a knot on the handle string on the inside of the bag.

The gift bag is ready to use.

Here is the video of how to make a paper bag of size 16x19x8cm

DIY paper bags are a rewarding and meaningful crafting process that allows you to express your creativity while contributing to sustainability.

You can share your new skills with your friends and family, and make your gift-giving even more meaningful.

So next time you find yourself in need of a paper bag, be proud to make one.

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