How To Prevent Goods Damaged During Delivery

Has your package been damaged during transportation? Or perhaps you are worried that they would be damaged in transit.
Whether it is a business or a consumer, a package that arrived damaged is a terrible experience. What are the bad consequences of damaged packaged? What kind of package is easy to cause package damaged in transit?

This article will give you tips on preventing package damaged in transit to promote the end consumer shopping experience.

Better Package is a custom packaging manufacturer; we often make various packaging prototypes to send our customers for approval; our client is worldwide. The package will take more than 2-5 days and even be transited several places to reach our client’s hand. Few packages have been damaged during delivery. We are very concerned about the safety of packaging in the delivery.

What Are The Bad Consequences Of Damaged Products Received?

  • The customer requires extra time to handle the parcel damaged. When consumers receive a damaged package, they need to spend extra time writing letters to communicate with the merchant, and sometimes they have to take photos, or even if it causes real damage to the product. If this product is a special gift for a certain moment, it will greatly affect its meaning.
  • The retailers spend more time dealing with the compensation for damaged goods, and they have to arrange a team to handle complaints, refunds, and replacements. For e-commerce retailers, too many packaging damage complaints will also affect the sales performance of the entire store.
  • Consumers may have lost the confidence to buy again.

What Kind Of Packaging Is Easy To Cause Package Damaged During Transportation?

Packaging damage does not happen every time, but if poor materials or inappropriate packaging are used, it can easily be damaged during transportation. It includes:

  • The packaging size is too large,
  • The packaging material is too soft
  • Without cushioning material in the package
  • No warning word for fragile products

5 tips Help in Protecting The Goods From Damage During Transportation.

Check The Products Carefully To Ensure Everything Is Ready To Ship.

It aims to check whether the product is perfect, including the inside and outside. Sometimes goods could be along with some accessories, make sure that everything is ready to ship.

The Plastic Bags Is to Protect Goods As The Initial Processes.

There are many plastic bags of various sizes; therefore, we need to select a suitable size plastic bag, put the goods in, and seal it.

Bubble Bags Is to Be The Second Protection For Goods.

This bag with countless bubbles can play a buffering role and effectively protect the products; we often have bubble bags of different sizes to pack different gift boxes. If there is no bag, bubble film is also an alternative.
Please make sure that the bubble bags completely wrap goods. Another function of the plastic bag used in the first step is to prevent customers from scratching the box’s surface when cutting the bubble bag with a knife.

The 5 Layers Carton Is Good Ideal To Use As The Outer Carton

We must use a 5-layer corrugated outer carton instead of a 3-layer outer carton. The 5-layer corrugated outer box is sturdier. The size of the outer box must be appropriate. We have different sizes of outer cartons, but we generally use the following two methods if we really can’t find a suitable size.

  • Fill the gap with some packaging materials; it could be bubble film, cardboard, or wrapping paper.
  • If the carton is much larger, we modify the size of the carton directly; we are very good at doing it.

Although it takes some time, it is worth it because your customers will appreciate your hard work when they receive that perfect gift box.

Stick A Fragile Label On The Outer Carton

When we have finished sealing the outer carton with tape, this is not the last step. We need to put a label to end this perfect packaging journey. If the product is fragile, we usually attach some warning labels or printed labels.

Until now, we have completed the packaging journey and waited for the courier to pick up the box. You will soon receive your customers’ affirmation of the packaging and their love for your product! Let us experience every packaging journey full of happiness and joy.

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