Leatherette Paper is a Fancy Luxury Wrapping Paper for Jewelry Gift Boxes.

When it comes to the materials for making gift boxes, we could come up with various papers that appear in our brain, for example, coated paper, kraft paper, color dyed paper, and textured paper.

There is another paper special to make luxury packaging boxes called leatherette paper.

What is the Leatherette Paper?

The leatherette Paper called faux leather paper is a kind of paper with leather-textured characteristics of soft and wear-resistant. It is available in various colors and textures that adapt to high-end packaging needs.

Like all the packaging paper, paper with leather texture is also suitable for logo printing and combined with other printing techniques to create the vintage charm of packaging.

Three Types of Leatherette Paper Used for Jewelry Packaging

The most used leatherette paper type in retail gift packaging includes PVC leatherette paper, PU leatherette paper, and Eco-friendly leatherette paper.

PVC Leather Textured Paper

PVC leatherette paper has a layer of PVC film on the paper; in the past, it was used a lot; however, with the increase in awareness of environmental protection, PVC leather textured paper is used less now.

PU Leather Textured Paper

PU leatherette is another faux-leather paper; its characteristics and production process are the same as PVC paper; the PU texture paper is not eco-friendly.

Ec0-friendly Leather Textured Paper

The eco-friendly leatherette paper is made of pure wood pulp and processed with unique chemical raw materials and a dip-dyeing process. It is currently a popular material for luxury gift boxes.

Five Classical Favorite Eco-friendly Leatherette Paper

The gift boxes used leatherette paper are perfect for giving a touch of refinement to packaging boxes. The eco-friendly leatherette paper is a good option for elegant and luxurious packaging boxes.

Grid#1 Leather Textured Paper

This leather-textured paper is soft and waterproof, and this elegant paper has a wide choice of colors. Including white, red, brown, blue, gray, and black to make it suitable for all jewelry.

Grid#2 Leather Textured Paper

The texture is similar to grid #1, but it is incredibly luxurious; a special treatment with wax makes paper resistant to water and scratches; it is available to customize in other colors.

Parchment Leather Textured Paper

The fine wrapping paper is made of pure wood pulp and is an ideal paper for boutique gift box packaging. The luxury leatherette paper is available in many colors and is allowed to customize in unique colors and sizes.

Litchi Leather Textured Paper

It is a kind of matt leatherette packaging paper available in many colors and is suitable for hot foil stamping and another printing method on logos.

Dotted Leather Textured Paper

It is one of the trendy textured leatherette papers, and it is an ideal option for packaging applications in jewelry packaging and other brand packaging products.

Write In The End

In addition to the Five popular types of faux leather paper, Better Package also has other types of leather texture paper; you can contact us and get paper swatch samples.

Better Package provided clients with various jewelry packaging ideas; soft-touch coating paper and brushed metal paper are also two prevalent materials used in jewelry packaging.


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