Art of Logo Printing: Elevating Your Custom Packaging

Logo printing is a part of packaging technology, especially in custom packaging paper bags. It plays a vital role in creating a unique brand identity and enhancing the visual appeal of the customized gift bags.

In customized gift bags, logos are usually printed on the front, back as well and top of the paper bag. Choosing a logo printing process is an important aspect of package design.

This article explores the various popular logo printing techiniques used to design custom gift bags as well as exploring the details of various logo printing techniques and their applicability to different types of gift bags and branding needs.

We hope to provide valuable information for individuals or businesses looking for customized gift bags.

1, Hot Foil Stamping Logo

In the foil stamping process, a metallic quality logo is produced by pressing the logo into the paper using a custom die and aluminum foil. This technique creates a shiny, reflective design.

Foil stamping logos are available in many different color options, such as gold, silver, black, rose gold, purple gold, platinum, and others, depending on the color of the foil.

2,Embossed/Debossed Logo

Embossing logos is the creation of raised text or designs on the surface of a paper bag. Raised logos are colored to create an eye-catching and visually appealing effect.

A debossed logo creates a recessed logo shape on the paper surface.

Both embossed and debossed logos have a subtle and elegant appearance. These techniques are often chosen because of their tactile appeal and the way that they enhance the look and feel of the branding graphic or logo.

3,Blind Embossed Logo

Blind embossing creates a raised text or pattern on paper or other materials without using any ink or foil.It’s a subtle and sophisticated way to add texture and depth to your design.

This technique can convey a sense of professionalism and luxury, making it ideal for brands that want to communicate elegance and refinement.

logo printing on bags-

4,Spot UV Logo

Spot UV is a printing technique used to enhance specific areas of a paper bag, including logos. It creates a raised, shiny and smooth surface by printing a glossy coating (UV varnish) on the surface of the paper.

It creates a raised, shiny and smooth surface by printing a glossy coating (UV varnish) on the surface of the paper.

5,Offset Printed Logo

Offset printing is a common and widely used method of printing high-quality , and is able to print full-color or spot-color logos on paper.

If your logo contains multiple colors, offset printing layers the colors one by one to accurately display each color, resulting in a high-quality, full-color logo on a paper bag.

6, Screen Printed Logo

screen printed logo on a paper bag is a logo that has been applied to the surface of the paper bag using the screen printing technique.

Screen printed logo is known for its ability to create bold, vibrant colors and sharp, durable designs.

It is suited for a small batch of single-color logos.

Mastering the Art of Logo Printing: Elevating Your Packaging

Logo printing technology can differentiate gift bags and add a personalized touch to them. The logo printing approaches can elevate a gift bag to be more than just a paper bag, but a memorable and impactful representation of your brand.

Whether you need a sleek and sophisticated look or a vibrant and colorful design, it’s vital to understand the various logo printing techniques that work for different types of gift bags and branding needs.

1,Sleek and Sophisticated Look

For luxury paper bags are used for packaging and displaying high-end products or gifts. These bags are designed to convey a sense of elegance, sophistication and exclusivity. We can consider the following logo printing techniques to give it a luxurious feel and look.

  • Foil Stamping: Adds a touch of elegance with metallic or colored foil.
  • Embossing/Debossing: Creates a tactile and upscale effect.
  • Spot UV Logo Printing:The Spot UV areas of the logo have a high-gloss, shiny finish that show the sophistication appreance.

2,Bright and Lively colors, and Eye-catching Logo

Using bright and lively colors, complicated patterns, and eye-catching graphics on paper bags create visual appeal and make them suitable for various occasions such as holiday gift-giving, weddings, parties, trade shows, and themed events.

  • Offset Printing:Offset printing is known for its high color accuracy and excellent color quality.It becomes cost-effective when you need to produce a large number of paper bags with the same design.
  • Digital Printing:Digital printing can achieve good color printing results, but it may not be as accurate as offset printing in terms of color matching, but the express turnaround time and cost-effective cost are very suitable for producing small batches of paper bags.

3,Environmental Protection and Natural Aesthetics Look

Customized paper bags need to reflect and pursue the design of environmental protection and natural aesthetics, so choosing an environmentally friendly logo printing method is the best way.

  • Screen prinitng : In screen printing, we can use water-based ink, which is a sustainable and eco-friendly ink. Water-based inks can print a softer, more natural look on bags that fits perfectly with natural aesthetics.

4,Multi Techniques Combinations in Logo Printing are a Growing Trend.

Multi-process combinations offer versatility and logo customization options for businesses and consumers. It refers to logo designs that use multiple printing techniques, which allows for greater creativity and unique and eye-catching results.

The following include common combinations of logo printing

  • Hot Foil stamping+ Embossed logo:

Foil stamping adds a shiny, metallic or reflective effect to a logo, and when combined with the embossing process, the raised logo is even more striking and memorable.

  • Offset Logo+Spot UV

In packaging design, offset logos and spot logos are combined to enhance the overall appearance and functionality of the package design.

Offset printing is known for its ability to reproduce intricate details and vibrant colors with high precision. Spot uv logo create varnishes to the logo.

  • Embossed Logo + Spot UV

By combining embossing and spot UV coating on a logo, it is easy to achieve a multi-sensory experience. The raised, tactile embossed areas draw attention and create a luxurious feel, while the spot UV coating adds a glossy, eye-catching element that can make the logo pop.

This combination can be particularly effective for branding packaging such as brand gift bags, luxury gift box packaging, and brand business brochures.


Brand logos are an important element of customized packaging, and a high-quality logo printing process can produce positive feedback.

High-quality logo printing can enhance the perceived value of a product. When a customer receives a package with a beautifully printed logo, it shows that you care about the details and take pride in your brand. This can make customers feel like they are getting a quality product or experience.

The logo printing process in custom packaging is more than just aesthetics; it reflects your brand image, values, and commitment to excellence. It can influence how customers perceive your brand, create memorable experiences, and contribute to the success and reputation of your business.

Logo printing is therefore a way to enhance the quality of your packaging and brand image

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