The Best Printing LOGO Method on Packaging

Suppose you are ready to customize a shopping bag or gift box with a logo. You would like to know how many printing methods the logo is and which one is the most suitable for your packaging design. Choosing the right logo printing method is more important than you might think – logos are essential for creating special packaging.

Packaging printing is a professional technique; this article helps you understand the different printing techniques on logos with various examples to see which type of printing works best for your packaging.

1, Hot Foil Stamping

Hot stamping is stamping aluminum foil on paper through a specific temperature and pressure. It is available in various colors, including gold, silver, white, black, bronze, rose gold, and metallic pink. In short, the hot-stamped logo has a metallic coating and visual impact.

Hot foil printing is currently the most popular process applied to logos and is the most accessible process in gift packaging.

2, Spot UV

Spot UV is a glossy coating made on LOGO of gift bags or gift boxes to achieve a unique visual effect; the spot UV technique can create the UV pattern on the background.

3, Embossing and Debossing

Embossing and Debossing are to make the two different visual effects to LOGO with similar technology. Embossing creates a raised impression on the logo, and debossing produces an inward effect. This technique can also be combined with foil stamping and add a more significant impact to your logo.

4, Silk Screen Printing

Screen printing uses a squeegee to add ink that slides through a grid to the paper used as the printing surface. For example, screen printing is often used to print logos on packaging boxes and paper bags.

The Best Printing LOGO Method on Packaging

With the improvement of consumers’ aesthetic requirements, logo printing should be diverse; the choice of logo printing method needs some strategies.

LOGO on the Gift boxes

There are many materials for making gift boxes; we roughly divide gift boxes into rigid boxes, chip cardboard boxes, and corrugated boxes. We have introduced these three different gift boxes in on packaging ideas of candle boxes.

Combining different printing techniques on the logo of gift boxes is a good strategy. Here are a few common combinations

  • Hot Foil stamping+ embossed logo
  • Embossing + UV
  • Hot Foil + Debossing
  • Screen Printing +hot foil stamping
  • Screen Printing+Spot UV

LOGO on The Shopping Bags

Shopping bags include designer, retail, kraft paper bags, and canvas shopping bags. We have talked about four types of shopping bags in the Some Packaging Knowledge About Custom Boutique Shopping Bags blog.

The following is the combination of standard LOGO printing on shopping bags.

  • Hot Foil stamping+ embossed logo
  • Embossing + UV
  • Screen Printing +hot foil stamping
  • Screen Printing+Spot UV


As a proverb says: all roads lead to Rome; the same effect on the logo could have several different printing solutions; we help customers find a printing method that best suits their budget and packaging requirements.

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