What are Paper Bag Designs?

Paper bag design aims to create various styles of paper bags to meet businesses’s specific needs and personalized requirements, crafting unique and exquisite paper bags. It involves the creative design and implementation of the paper bag’s appearance, structure, and decoration. This process determines elements such as the paper bag’s shape, size, material, color, pattern, and handle type to meet specific practicality, aesthetics, and brand requirements.

Why Choose Paper Bag Design Styles?

Cost Control

  • Different styles of paper bags have varying material and manufacturing costs. Choosing the right paper bag style can control costs while meeting needs.

Differentiation in Competition

  • Unique paper bag styles can help products and brands stand out.

Enhance Brand Image

  • Choosing the right paper bag style and design can maintain visual consistency for the brand, enhancing brand recognition and reca

Luxury Gift Bags

Textured Gift Bags

Laminated Paper Bag

customized shopping bag

Designer Paper Gift Bags

Brand Shopping Bags

Brown Kraft Paper
Brown Kraft Paper
Black Paper
Black Paper
coated paper
C2S Coated Paper
Texture Paper

Selection of Various Paper Types for Paper Bag Design

Choosing the appropriate type of paper to meet specific needs for durability, environmental friendliness, and design. A beautiful and practical paper bag design can enhance the shopping experience for consumers.

  • Kraft paper
  • C1S /C2S coated paper
  • Black paper
  • Texture paper
  • Metallic Paper

Black Gift Bags

Silver Logo Black Gift Bag

Gold Logo Black Paper Bag

Cut Handle Black Shopping Bags

gift bag ribbon handle

Black Wine Gift Bag

Color Ribbon for Paper Bag Handle
Color Satin Ribbon Handle
Twisted Handle
Color Ribbon for Paper Bag Handle
Color Grosgrain Ribbon Handle
Cotton Cord

Selection of Handle for Paper Bag Design

Different handle styles affect the aesthetics, durability, and comfort of the paper bag, making the paper bag design more personalized.

  •  Satin Ribbons 
  •  Grosgrain Ribbon
  •   Cotton Rope
  •  Twisted Cord

Retail Paper Shopping Bags

Paper Shopping Bag with Logo

White Paper Gift Bag

Retail Gift Bags

Eurotote Shopping Bags

Black Foil Logo
Embossed Logo
Embossed Logo
Spot UV logo
Offset Logo

Various Logo Finishes on Paper Bag design

Paper bags with logos can help a brand and its products stand out from numerous competitors, enhancing the brand’s professionalism and image. 

There are many options for logo finishes in paper bag design.

  • Hot foil logo
  • Spot UV logo
  • Embossed logo
  • Offet logo

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