Custom Better Handles for your Paper Bags

Printed grosgrain ribbon, eco-friendly paper handles, macrame cotton cords, and cotton ribbon can be dyed in a variety of colors and printed text. These handles are used with custom paper bags to create a wide variety of amazing paper shopping bags.

Popluar Handle for Paper Shopping Bags

Custom Eco-friendly Paper Handle of Kraft Paper Bags

Kraft paper bags are the best economical shopping bag solutions;The twisted and flat paper handles are two common paper types for kraft paper bags; the sturdy twisted handles glued inside make all purchases easy for customers to carry.

Besides the twisted and flat paper handle, there are also some premium paper handle styles that are perfect for boutique kraft shopping bags.

Professional Custom Paper Shopping Bags

Better Package customizes kraft paper bags, Euro tote paper bags, ribbon shopping bags, and other types of paper bags for customers. Elegant printed paper shopping bags can decorate product packaging, elevate packaging and help increase brand awareness and stand out from competitors.

Specialized and diligent team delivers outstanding packaging

With a production team of more than 100 worker, more than ten years of production experience, extensive brand service experience, and thousands of gift box styles that have been developed, we can provide customers with reliable packaging customization solutions.

  • Packaging layout & artwork esign
  • Packaging structural design
  • Prototyping sample proofing
  • Multi-channel logistics distribution services

Gift Bags with Ribbom

Gift bags with ribbon handles can make shopping bags more elegant and refined,
Ribbons are available in many materials and weave options. Furthermore, printing logos and patterns on the ribbon is ok to give the paper bags a luxurious feel.

Frequently Asked Questions

Kraft paper bags are manufactured by machine, these bags are available with a variety of handle options: paper twist, paper flat or cotton/polyester cord knotted handles.

The twisted and flat paper handles are two common paper handles.

However ,there are other five different paper handles to choose from: paper braided cord, paper braided ribbon, paper macrame cord, paper webbing straps, and paper sliced straps.t

Absolutely, the handle is available to custom in material , color and size

The paper bag’s handle structure would elevate the shopping bags appearance.

There are 4 common handle structures for paper shopping bags

  1. knotted handles
  2. Inserted handle from the top
  3. inserted handle from inside
  4. handle with plastic/metallic head

Print the brand’s logo or pattern on the ribbon handle, making a strong impression on your customers and standing out from your competitors.

  1. Hot foil 
  2. Screen printing 

Custom Paper Bags with Handle

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