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Bespoke Luxury Gift Bags with Ribbon

  • Paper Type: texture paper
  • Handle Type:  grosgrain ribbon
  • Lamination: matt
  • Production time : 15-17 days
  • Delivery: Free shipping to the USA by sea


This customized luxury gift bag is made of embossed paper, and the design color of the paper bag is dark green Pantone printing. The brand logo uses gold stamping technology.
The packaging design combined green with the gold logo is a fusion of modern, fashionable, and high-end.
Green is often seen as a symbol of nature, vitality, and health, while gold represents wealth, luxury, and success. Combining these two colors can convey the uniqueness, elegance, and harmonious coexistence with nature of spirit.
In the material selection of paper bags, the embossed paper used highlights the paper bag’s uniqueness and high-end quality.
In terms of the craftsmanship of this gift bag, the paper bag is very durable, fashionable, and luxurious.
We are committed to providing customers with packaging design, solutions, and production that meet their expectations and preferences.

Texture Paper

Paper Bag Size

Bag Length 10.5-20.5 inch


L14 x H12 x D5 inch


1 Pantone printing



Unit Price



Free shipping to your address in the USA by sea shipment

Delivery Time

18-24 days

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