Bespoke Luxury Gift Bags with Navy Ribbon L16.5 x H13 x D 6 inch

  • Minimum Quantity: 500PCS
  • Size:L16.5 x H13 x D 6  inch
  • Paper Type: Speciality Paper
  • Handle Type:  twill cotton ribbon
  • Handle Construction: Tonela handles construction
  • Printing:   PMS printing
  • Production time : 7 -9 days
  • Delivery: Free shipping to the USA by sea
  • If you order more , please contact us for lower price


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The bespoke luxury gift bags is made of white kraft paper, and it is easier to keep the color consistent and precisely control the color with the brand logo printed in pantone.
A navy cotton-twill ribbon handle attaches to the bag for soft carrying. Luxury gift bags may seem simple, but exude sophistication and elegance.

Free shipping to the US.


L8 x H6 x W4 inch

Paper Bag Material

Speciality Paper

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