Black Corrugated Mailer Boxes

  • Minimum quantity: 500pcs
  • Material: Double-face corrugated
  • Fluting: E fluting
  • Printing: black printing 
  • Delivery: Free free to the USA
  • Delivery time: 20-26 days


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These black mailer boxes are made of corrugated board which is sturdy and withstand the type of eco-friendly paper material.The mailing boxes come in 6 different sizes, customer can choose the size that fit their products.
The versatility of the corrugated mailers is used to ship a wide variety of items , such as jewelry, electronics, candy, and cosmetics.
Free shipping to the United States in 20-25 days .


L6 x W4 x H1.5 inch, L6 x W6 x H2 inch, L6.2 x W6.2 x H2.5 inch, L7.8 x W5.5 x H1.5 inch, L7x W4.5 x H2 inch, L9x W6.2 x H2 inch

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