Black Extra Large Box

  • Minimum Quantity:100pcs
  • Size: L21 x H10 x W6 inch
  • Box Style: lid and box
  • Paper Type: black paper
  • LOGO: Embossed black hot foil
  • Packaging insert: black foam with black velvet
  • Delivery: Free delivery to the USA


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The gift box is a sleek and elegant black color, with a matte finish. The black embossed logo on the top of the box adds a touch of class to the overall design.

The inside of the gift box is also black, creating a sense of unity and consistency throughout the design. The base of the gift box is lined with a black foam material, which provides a soft and protective surface for the items inside. The foam is covered in black velvet fabric, which gives the interior a luxurious feel.

The size of the gift box could vary depending on the items being included. It could be a medium-sized box, with enough room to comfortably fit several items without feeling too bulky or cumbersome.

The items included in the gift box could be a variety of things, such as personalized notes, branded merchandise, gourmet treats, wine or spirits, technology accessories, and so on.
With a carefully curated selection of high-quality items, the gift box can make a lasting impression on the client and help to build a stronger relationship between them and the company.

Gift Box Style Picture Used For Product Packaging
Drawer Gift Boxes   jewelry,cosmetics,gift,shoes,toys
Foldable Boxes   apparel,wine,cosmetic,shoe,gift,toys,game card
Lid and Base Box jewelry,cosmetics,gift,shoe,shoes,apparel,candle
Magnetic Boxes   jewelry,cosmetics,gift,shoe,shoes,apparel,wine,chcolate,candy
Shoulder Boxes   jewelry,cosmetics,gift,wine,chocolate,candy
Paper Tube   jewelry,cosmetics, candle,gift, wine,candy,food

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