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Black Gift Bag with Logo -Size L7 x H10 xD3 inch

  • Paper Type:  black paper
  • Handle Type: satin ribbon
  • Production time 13-16 days


This black paper gift bag is  made of high-quality black paper bag with a white foil logo printed on the outside .
Reinforcement cardboard have been added to the top and bottom of the paper bag to improve its durability.
The handle of the paper bag uses high-density satin ribbons.
We provide customers with layout design and sample making for paper bags.
Customization of branded paper bags can come in different printing colors, sizes, process finishes, and handles.
Paper Bag Material

Black Paper

Paper Bag Size

Bag Length 6.5-10 inch

Paper bag size

L7 x H10 x D3 inch



Unit Price



Free shipping to your address in USA by the sea shipment

Delivery time

18-24 days

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