Cigarette Box

  • Size: customize any size
  • Color: CMYK,
  • Material: chipboard

Packaging Customized

What is Cigarette Pack Box?

A cigarette box is a paper box that features a square shape made of paper. Tobacco packs are available in soft and hard. Soft tobacco box is made of thin paper, while the hard boxes are made of thick cardboard.

A Premium Gift Box for Cigarette

The hinged lid gift box is the ideal box style for cigarettes. It is convenient for smokers to take out cigarettes and share tobacco with friends. The tobacco gift box provides more space for designers to create unique designs. It is suitable for internal and external printing to attract the shopper.

Finally, the tobacco box made of stiff cardboard has extra lined cardboard inside the bottom to strengthen the firmness of the cigarette packaging box.

Better Package offers cigarette packaging boxes of any size and printing at an affordable price.

Logo Printing

A gift box or paper bag with a logo can impress shoppers with your brand. There are many methods to print a logo on packaging, so choosing the suitable way is critical for making impressive packaging. 

There are six types of printing methods for logo printing

Logo Printing-Hot Foil Stamping

Hot stamping is to print patterns and text on paper, cloth, or leather by heating metallic foil through a heated metal plate.

The foil is available in various color ,such as white,gold,black,copper,rose gold,etc.

Logo Printing-Spot UV

Spot UV is to add a transparent and glossy coating to a specific part, such as a logo or pattern of packaging. The logo pattern with UV coating has a shiny and raised effect of increasing the variety of packaging designs to attract customers and increase brand awareness.

Spot UV combines with other Logo printing options, such as hot foil stamping or embossing, to add elegance to the packaging.

Logo Printing-Embossing &Debossing

Embossing is to make the logo and pattern have a three-dimensional effect and highlight these parts.

Embossing is commonly used with foil hot stamping to create a luxurious, elegant feel to the packaging.

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