Cosmetic Magnetic Box

  • Box Style: magnetic box
  • Paper Type:  texture paper
  • Printing : offset printing
  • Additional finishes: embossed logo
  • Packaging inserts: PS velvet tray

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Cosmetic Magnetic Box

The magnetic gift box is made of rigid board, which is suitable for creating a luxurious gift box, the magnets facilitate the opening and closing of the gift box.

Compared with art paper, textured paper is unique because of its texture, and it is usually used on luxury packaging bags and gift boxes.

This cosmetic gift box is printed in 2 colors, and some patterns have been embossed to make it stand out. The inside is a flocked lining made of PS material, and the color of the insert is consistent with the printed color.

Gift Box Style Picture Used For Product Packaging
Drawer Gift Boxes   jewelry,cosmetics,gift,shoes,toys
Foldable Boxes   apparel,wine,cosmetic,shoe,gift,toys,game card
Lid and Base Box jewelry,cosmetics,gift,shoe,shoes,apparel,candle
Magnetic Boxes   jewelry,cosmetics,gift,shoe,shoes,apparel,wine,chcolate,candy
Shoulder Boxes   jewelry,cosmetics,gift,wine,chocolate,candy
Paper Tube   jewelry,cosmetics, candle,gift, wine,candy,food

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