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Custom Printed Bags Wholesale 8 ”x 7 ”x 3”

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  • Paper Type:  C2S paper
  • Handle Type:  Santin Ribbon
  • Lamination: matt
  • Production time:9-13 days


Custom printed bags for retail are personalized bags designed by businesses to feature their brand, logo, design, or message.

These bags serve various purposes:

  • Branding: Paper bags emblazoned with the company’s logo, name, or slogan make them easily recognizable to customers.
  • Professionalism: Adding custom design and logo to bags enhances the professional appeal of the retail experience.
  • Customer Experience: Providing custom-printed bags elevates the overall shopping experience for customers. It adds a personal touch and communicates value from the business.

These custom print paper bags cater to different printing needs and preferences:

  • Logo Technique: CMYK printing
  • Paper Bag Handles: satin ribbon in various color
  • Small Batch: cstarts from 500pcs
  • Delivery: offer free door-to-door delivery for faster and more convenient shopping for our customers.

For those small-batch retail print bags, kindly upload your logo, and our team will promptly reach out to furnish you with the layout, pricing details, production timelines, and shipping estimates.

Paper Bag Material

C2S Coated Paper


L8 x H7 x D3 inch



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Free Shipping to your address in the USA

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