Custom Euro Tote Bags L5.5 x H6 xW3 inch

  • Minimum Quantity :1000pcs
  • Size: L5.5 x H6 xW3 inch
  • Paper Type:  Red color Speciality Paper
  • Handle Type: polyester cord
  • Handle Construction: knotted handle
  • LOGO: gold hot foil stamping
  • Delivery:Free delivery to the USA by sea
  • If you want to customize paper bags in different sizes, shapes and printings, please contact us through the form below


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This euro tote bag is made of color virgin paper with a gold logo and polyester rope handles. The shiny logo is outstanding on the matt virgin paper.

The euro tote bag is a typical style retail paper bag. Because of its reinforced cardboard on the top and bottom, it is stronger than ordinary kraft paper bags, the handles of euro paper bags are usually knotted structure, and this handle structure is durable and affordable.

The euro tote bag can be customized in size,shape, and design

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Speciality Paper

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